Arcade - Demon Front - Total points, With only 1 credit. - 66,031,300 - James Morris

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  1. Arcade - Demon Front - Total points, With only 1 credit. - 66,031,300 - James Morris

    12-29-2021, 01:25 AM

    Total points, With only 1 credit.
    Difficulty: NormalLife: 3Start Credit: 1DIPS: 1-3: OffDIP4: Free Play On/OffDIP5: OffDIP 6-8: Not Used.ANY Region version of the cart can be used.
    Submission Message
    Played and recorded at 1Up Arcade Australia on 29 December 2021.
    Submission attempt starts: 00:02
    Last life: 18:10
    Initials entered: 18:30
    Score shown: 19:00
    Arcade cabinet Internals shown: 19:20
    Dip switch settings: 20:20
    Soft dip settings: 20:38
    Controls shown: 20:48
    Best run/PB I’ve had score- wise but have obtained a higher multiplier (x999) before. Some work to do learning third area. Definitely revisiting in 2022. Hope you enjoy watching! Cheers, James

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  2. 12-29-2021, 08:45 AM
    This is an awesome game, I have it myself but have withhold submitting scores, as this game is totally broken score wise.
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  3. 12-29-2021, 01:12 PM
    Hi, yep its a very fun and complex game that revolves around keeping that combo meter alive above even keeping the character/life alive. Ie. losing the multiplier is pretty much the end of the scoring run. I expect there’s people out there (maybe yourself?) who can x999 all the stages and thus have a score in the hundreds of millions. I’m still working on my technique in working the multiplier while doing minimal damage and keeping the chain going which I feel is the key to this game, but wanted to get a score up as the track was empty. Don’t hesitate to put your submission in- I have the feeling it’s significantly higher than mine haha 😀
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  4. 12-29-2021, 01:16 PM
    Btw: big hi to Johnny- hope he’s well/settled back home and not missing the crew in Brisbane too much! Hell of a player and top bloke!
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  5. 12-30-2021, 01:59 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by J.M View Post
    Btw: big hi to Johnny- hope he’s well/settled back home and not missing the crew in Brisbane too much! Hell of a player and top bloke!
    He misses AUS and the Brisbane crew a lot!
    He was visiting the shed on the 10th of December, and we had a blast!
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  6. 12-30-2021, 02:30 AM
    Johnny’s CRT buy/swap/sell will be sorely missed- had quiet a few sets in his garage 😀 fingers crossed for easier international travel again some day!
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  7. 01-01-2022, 10:57 AM
    Had some time tonight to see some of the gameplay.

    I'm a little worried by the following, and would like other ppl's input:

    Name:  image.png
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    By walking into the lamp, you gained 78.000, and if you had stayed longer, you could have gained millions of points..

    Name:  image.png
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    This is where this game is broken score vise, I would rather have seen you did'nt shoot the boulder to reveal the lamp....

    I'm really sorry, but I'm really in doubt if this is a valid run because of this..
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  8. 01-01-2022, 12:15 PM

    I’m not sure I understand your last post mate? I didn’t have the key to unlock that hidden lamp - so it didn’t unlock, and definitely not aware that there’s a way to gain points out of it otherwise?

    Regarding validity- is that the word to use, the game is at 1Up arcade Australia running original hardware as shown at the end of the submission evidence. To say it’s not valid implies degrees of something lacking evidence or proof, or is this another way of saying ‘get the extra points and then resubmit’
    Cheers, James
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  9. 01-02-2022, 01:10 AM

    The longer you touch the lamp, the more point's you get, and by nearly touching it, you got 78.000 points.
    A couple of shed's ago, we tried to see how many point you could get by spending all your lives, standing in the lamp, and @spectre managed to max out the counter: 999.999.990 points

    If I was to decide anything; in order to submit a score, you could not break the rock to reveal the lamp - if one did, the score was invalid.

    But it's not up to me to decide.

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  10. 01-02-2022, 01:19 AM
    That's a very interesting element/glitch/thing!

    I'm going to the arcade tomorrow and i'll test it out - i'll do a recording too of just that area. From memory, that doesn't/hasn't happened before on any other run i've done at the arcade using original hardware. I also tested it out on my PB6 version this morning (unsure of where that copy originates), and touching and staying on the lamp just resulted in the one time only 78,000 points. Could it be possibly an early release/ region thing which was fixed at some point back in the day?

    Its entirely up to you, but as my run doesn't exploit any points (either knowingly or unknowingly) and more importantly, is within the game's track rules, i'd appreciate if you'd consider the submission based on what is there.

    Thanks, James.
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