Arcade - Super Bikes 2 - Fastest time - Dubai

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  1. Arcade - Super Bikes 2 - Fastest time - Dubai

    01-04-2022, 09:34 AM


    Game Name

    Super Bikes 2


    Fastest time - Dubai

    Score Type

    Elapsed Time

    Ranking Method
    Lowest is best

    Game Play

    - 1 player only

    - Use any difficulty

    - Use any motorcycle

    - Use any transmission

    - In game modifications are allowed


    - Conversion kits are allowed

    - Show the arcade cabinet to verify the correct peripherals including handlebar, throttle and hand brakes

    Settings (verified during game play)

    - 1 Turbo boost at the start, 3 in reserve

    - Start time 80 seconds or less

    - Bonus time can be 30 seconds or less


    - all official shortcuts created by the programmers are allowed

    - glitches that allow for game play NOT desired by the original programmers are NOT allowed. This includes breaking boundaries (travelling through walls, leaving the map temporarily)

    - cheat codes are NOT allowed

    - wall riding (rubbing up against a wall while driving) IS allowed, as this is an arcade game and is not intending to be a realistic depiction of motorcycle racing

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