Arcade - Cruis'n Exotica - Korea [Fastest Race] - 01:12.45 - Rocky Palmisano

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  1. Arcade - Cruis'n Exotica - Korea [Fastest Race] - 01:12.45 - Rocky Palmisano

    01-07-2022, 12:16 PM


    Korea [Fastest Race]
    Dips will vary based upon which Country you're in and whether you have a sitdown or standup cabinet. Due to the extreme amount of variations, they're not listed here.
    Standard Pricing: [Any] ON
    Custom Pricing: OFF
    Free Play: OFF
    First Place Gets Free Race: ON
    Start Time Bonus Secs: 75
    Checkpoint Bonus Time Secs: 20
    Attract Mode Sounds: Optional
    Initial Entry: ON
    Minimum Volume Level: 11
    Steering Wheel Power: 5
    Speed In MPH or KPH: Optional
    Keypad Active: NO
    Manual Trans Disabled: OFF
    Show Roadkill: Optional
    Show Ending: ON
    Show Girls: ON
    High Score Reset: 5000
    Game Difficulty: 5
    Maximum Credits: 30
    Multi Player Free Races: NO
    Special Rules: You may freely choose any vehicle, view and music. You MUST Complete the race for your final calculated time to qualify.
    Submission Message
    Settings shown at beginning and again at end (@30.12) followed by supporting video of the interior hardware.
    Track Selection @15:05.
    Race Starts @15:10.
    Time Shown @17:02.

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  2. 01-30-2022, 02:25 PM
    Voted Yes...
    Rampage Arcade World Champion
    ...............Roy was Right..................
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