PlayStation 4 - The Crew - Escape Skill 8 [Score] - 6,226 - Andrew Mee

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  1. PlayStation 4 - The Crew - Escape Skill 8 [Score] - 6,226 - Andrew Mee

    01-12-2022, 09:29 AM

    Escape Skill 8 [Score]

    Player may use any vehicle with any upgrades as limited by the game for the challenge. Where an option, must be played in Solo mode. Score taken from the results screen on successful completion of the challenge. For additional transparency, it is recommended that the player include the make, model, and performance level of the vehicle used to complete the skill challenge or mission.

    Submission Message
    Achieved on 20200416. Attempt begins around 39:12.
    -- AP

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  2. 01-12-2022, 03:02 PM
    How much today?
  3. 01-12-2022, 05:42 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by DrucillaCorker View Post
    How much today?
    I don't understand what you are asking, sorry.
    Lots of 1sts to be surpassed: what are you waiting for? Play the game, submit the score...
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  4. 01-12-2022, 06:14 PM
    L O L
    my pronouns: f/you.
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