Dispute: John McAllister - Arcade - Deluxe Space Invaders - Points - Player: Leo Daniels - Score: 399,990

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. 05-06-2022, 09:56 PM
    There's the unconfirmed trick (in both the original and Deluxe S.I.) of stopping the invaders from marching and picking off mystery ships for as long as you want.


    Perhaps someone like Don Hodges can look at the code to see if the trick exists, and if it does, how to trigger it.
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  2. 05-07-2022, 01:19 PM
    Went and read the link you posted. The rumor that they talk about I had never heard of before.
    I did some save states and find that it is impossible to shoot around lower invaders and hit the top row of invaders. Even in a tas play by prog61 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvH4rdfAwCY He is not able to shoot the top invaders. So as the method described by the rumor I believe is either just that a rumor or it was described incorrectly and wish there was more truth or information about this tactic.

    On another note though I know that you can on other boards besides the first board get extra lives from using the roll the shot counter so it's under 55 when you shoot the last invader and are awarded an extra life. Still playing around with the game and trying to find other ways to play the game.
  3. 05-09-2022, 06:54 PM
    At 1:23, there's 6 top invaders and 6 bottom invaders. The player then proceeds to shoot all the top 6 invaders first before shooting the bottom 6. If you can set up the board so that you have all the top and bottom invaders left, it might be worth seeing if it's possible. Unless those top shots aren't possible until you get down to 12 invaders and they speed up such that it's then possible.
  4. 05-09-2022, 07:00 PM
    Nevermind. Just accessed the video directly from Youtube and saw the OP's comments about trying to prove/disprove that old rumor. Looks like it's indeed impossible. I don't remember the source of that rumor (magazine, book, newsgroup, etc) but it would be great if Mr. Brian Deuel can be tracked down.
  5. 08-04-2022, 12:47 AM
    I kind of "knew" these big scores for this game were not right.
    If a glitch was used as stated, then it's wrong for that table.
    Why TG doesn't want anyone to challenge a supposed cheater is beyond integrity of the score board. Maybe TG wants these massive scores to advertise, too?
    If Leo hasn't got time to prove he is a master, then he's probably not.
    This gets my vote.
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