M.A.M.E. - Riot City - Points [Two Player Team] - 693,100 - Svatopluk Dudek

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Riot City - Points [Two Player Team] - 693,100 - Svatopluk Dudek

    01-13-2022, 06:29 AM

    Points [Two Player Team]
    WolfMame version
    ROMSet: RiotCity
    Lives: 3
    Bonus Life: Normal
    Difficulty: Normal
    Attack Button To Start: Off
    Special Rules: This is a 2 Player Only Variation! Both Players must start at the same time! The record is the sum of the 2 scores upon game completion. Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message
    P1 CHZ 407300

    P2 HAL 285800

    TOTAL 693100

    Attached Files Attached Files
  2. 01-21-2022, 01:39 PM
    The following analysis is neither exhaustive nor conclusive,
    and is not confirmation that this submission is valid.

    Starting check.bat on 21/01/2022 at 22:28:13.32

    ZIP test
    7-Zip 19.00 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2019-02-21
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 501945 bytes (491 KiB)
    Testing archive: F:\Analysis\zip\HAL-CHZ_riotcity_693100_w183.zip
    Path = F:\Analysis\zip\HAL-CHZ_riotcity_693100_w183.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 501945
    Everything is OK
    Size:       517755
    Compressed: 501945

    ZIP list
    7-Zip 19.00 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2019-02-21
    Scanning the drive for archives:
    1 file, 501945 bytes (491 KiB)
    Listing archive: F:\Analysis\zip\HAL-CHZ_riotcity_693100_w183.zip
    Path = F:\Analysis\zip\HAL-CHZ_riotcity_693100_w183.zip
    Type = zip
    Physical Size = 501945
    Path = HAL-CHZ_riotcity_693100_w183.inp
    Folder = -
    Size = 517755
    Packed Size = 501783
    Modified = 2022-01-12 00:05:28
    Created = 
    Accessed = 
    Attributes = A
    Encrypted = -
    Comment = 
    CRC = F5FFB784
    Method = Deflate
    Characteristics = 
    Host OS = FAT
    Version = 20
    Volume Index = 0
    Offset = 0

    MAME Major Version 183

    What MAME thinks
    Input file: riotcity.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Tue Jan 11 22:50:43 2022
    Recorded using 0.183W (unknown)
    Total playback frames: 53129
    Average recorded speed: 100%
    Average speed: 253.62% (889 seconds)

    Source driver

    ROM and TG information
    ROM set changed: no
    0.106-0.175: riotcity - "Riot City (Japan)"
    Resolution, 0.106-0.114: 320x224 @ 60.000000Hz
    Resolution, 0.115-0.116: 321x224 @ 60.054389Hz
    Resolution, 0.117-0.175: 320x224 @ 60.054389Hz
    TG Game Entry: https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores....&gamename=Riot City

    MAME info
    mameinfo.dat entries:
    0.36b1 [Andrew Prime]
    - 0.236: Added proper ROM board IC locations for Riot City [Brian Troha].
    - 0.227: Added 315-5298.b9 PLS153 PLD [Guru].
    - 0.88u7: Changed description to 'Riot City (Japan)'.
    - 0.88u6: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz and palettesize to 6144 colors. Fixed gfx2 roms addresses.
    - 15th March 2004: Charles MacDonald cleaned up altbeast, riotcity, bayroute and aurail (no junk in error logs, took care of unused inputs/outputs, etc.). Migrated aurail, riotcity, bayroute to use sys16_sprite_shinobi.
    - 0.36b1: Andrew Prime added 'Riot City' (Sega / Westone 1991).
    - 27th December 1998: J-ROM dumped Riot City (Japan).
    LEVELS: 5
    Other Emulators:
    * FB Alpha
    * System 16
    Romset: 2.94 MB / 19 files / 1.11 zip
    0.88u5 [Charles MacDonald, David Haywood, Aaron Giles]
    - Hardware: The Sega System 16B system consists of a main board and a ROM board. Many games are protected, either with a Hitachi FD1094 or an Intel 8751 MCU. The games can be swapped to any main board by exchanging ROM boards and protection chips. The games are generally tied to its 'type' ROM board, though there are some games that are available on more than one type of ROM board. 4-layer tilemap hardware in two pairs, with selection between each members on the pairs on a 8-lines basis. Slightly better sprites.
    - goldnaxe3, goldnaxej, passsht: ROM board have two of their four CPU ROMs in common. AWJ (ID 00003)
    - 0.236 Revert MAME 0.231 video attributes workaround, it just causes new problems. Reduced audio volume [hap].
    - 0.231: Changed video attributes when video is updated (for Fantasy Zone) [David Haywood]. Fixed two capacitor labels in audio\nl_segas16b.cpp [Enik Land].
    - 0.227: Verified 315-5298 dump and added it to all ROM boards which use it (171-5797, 171-5521, 171-5704) [Guru].
    - 0.222: READ/WRITE macros removal [Osso].
    - 0.218: Added audio\nl_segas16b.cpp/h. Added analog filters to systems with YM2151 and UPD7759. Reviewers can use USE_NL define to produce unfiltered sound [Couriersud]. Added 'Netlist Sound Device' (48000 Hz) sound.
    - 0.217: Added save state. Partially fix reset behavior. Move dfjail related handlers/variables into dfjail_state, related to sound hardware differs [cam900].
    - 0.215: Fixed some unsafe bitmap usage in video update routines causing tilemap asserts in debug builds and segmentation faults in some non-debug builds [AJR].
    - 0.207: Removed MCFG macros [Osso]. Removed unnecessary address_space arguments from ym2413 write handler [cam900].
    - 0.205: Various MACHINE_CONFIG removals [Ryan Holtz, Osso].
    - 0.204: Added QUANTUM_TIME for games with 8751, this gets rid of sprite lag in goldnaxe and altbeast [hap]. Removed YM2151, GENERIC_LATCH, SEGA_SYS16B_SPRITES, SEGAIC16VID and SEGA_SYS16B_SPRITES MCFG macros [Osso].
    - 0.203: Removed UPD4701A MCFG macros [Osso].
    - 0.201: Removed CXD1095 and NVRAM MCFG macros [Ryan Holtz].
    - 0.199: Added customized MCFG_DEVICE_ADD macros [Ryan Holtz].
    - 0.198: Interrupt callback modernization for Sega 315-5250 Compare/Timer [AJR].
    - 0.196: Internalized communication latches for sega_315_5195. 315-5195 mapper has same clock as CPU [AJR].
    - 0.195: Make sega_315_5195 sound read/write delegates standard device callbacks [AJR].
    - 0.192: Use MCFG_SCREEN_VBLANK_CALLBACK instead of irq0_line_pulse for Sega i8751 interrupt [AJR].
    - 0.174: Minor doc update [Brian Troha].
    - 0.170: Implement found() method for object finders in Segas16b driver [AJR].
    - 0.167: Make screen flipping actually work in the System16 driver (it hasn't since the driver was rewritten). This makes Super League and Excite League look correct, both are cocktail only games and have never really worked [David Haywood].
    - 0.159: Small documentation update [Guru].
    - 0.154: Smear byte writes the same as a real 68000 [Alex Jackson]. Fixed regression caused by 68k change [David Haywood].
    - 0.150: Added the Sega ID# information for the Juuouki (set 3, Japan, FD1094 317-0068) set [Brian Troha].
    - 0.149u1: Minor documentation update (tetris2) [Brian Troha].
    - 0.147u1: hap fixed y board sprite colors (the 3ff to 7ff change) (video\segas16b.c). Fixed problem with marking dirty region (video\sega16sp.c).
    - 0.147: Added emu\sprite.c/h and video\sega16sp.h. Created new sprite device base class, which manages a bitmap and a sparse bitmap for tracking which areas got updated. This allows sprites to be rendered independently to their own bitmap and then mixed in a final step. Converted the Sega sprite device over to this new model, and moved the mixing steps out of the sprite implementations and into the driver-specific video updates where it belongs. Added some further methods and helpers to the bitmap_t and rectangle classes. Created a sega_16bit_common_base class which handles thecommon Sega palette RAM mappings and open bus reads. Fixed black screen in tetrbx, shinfz and isgsm [Aaron Giles].
    - 0.146u5: Removed includes\segas16.h. Added includes\segas16b.h. Converted FD1089/FD1094 into proper devices, derived from m68000. They now handle their own decryption and memory management, so we can remove all the calls for initialization/reset/etc. The key now lives as a 'key' subdevice under the CPU, and the FD1089/1094 are now specified just like any other CPU. Created a helper class for managing fd1094 decryption caches. Added support for member functions to be called as DRIVER_INIT functions. To do this, #define MODERN_DRIVER_INIT prior to #including "emu.h" and you will be required to specify a class and member function for your driver init. Converted the memory mapper into a new modern device and updated the Segas16b driver to use it. Fixed ROM memory mapping so that the source ROMs can be loaded contiguously, removing a bunch of hacks. Untangled the joined segas1x_state and split the states for each system into their own classes. Cleaned up some implementations. Fully modernized the Segas16b driver. Split segas16.h header into separate headers for each system. Fixed bug causing tturfu and wrestwar to hang at startup. Convert multiply, divide and compare/timer chips into modern devices. Misc cleanups [Aaron Giles].
    - 0.146u4: hap fixed mame-specific unreachable code in Segas16b.
    - 0.145u4: Updated doc info for clones Alien Syndrome (set 3, System 16B, FD1089A 317-0033) and Altered Beast (set 5, FD1094 317-0069) including Sega game ID#, PCB # & rom board # [Brian Troha].
    - 0.143u8: Added includes\segaipt.h. Kanikani fixed coinage DIPSW using Sega common setting in Segas16b driver.
    -  2nd January 2011: Smitdogg - System 16A/B schematics are now available. Thanks to Kevin Eshbach.
    - 0.139u2: Treat unsupported read and write accesses (segaic16.c) to defined devices/memory as open-bus reads or unmapped writes instead of falling through to the memory-mapping registers [Phil Bennett].
    - 0.138u4: Brian Troha removed 2 obsolete "USER2 Work space" in Segas16b driver and changed remaining USER2 to MCU to maintain consistence throughout the driver. Atari Ace fixed graphic corruption on multiple Segas16b launches in single session (altbeast, aliensyn3).
    - 0.138u2: Segas16b documentation update [Stefan Lindberg, Dumping Union]: Added additional Sega game ID info for an Alien Syndrome set.
    - 0.136u3: Added includes\segas16.h.
    - 0.134u4: Team Japump fixed Sega System 16 ROM names according to real machine, and corrected game version description for Alien Syndrome and SDI.
    - 0.131u3: Yasuhiro Ogawa added some security custom info to the Segas16b driver (from http://www.higenekodo.jp/sega_n.htm).
    - 0.130u1: System16B update [Kanikani]: Enabled some buttons previously marked as 'unused'. Manuals say 'No Connection', but programs read them and do something (i.e. button2 in Tetris can rotate the piece).
    - 0.122u8: RansAckeR improved segas16b.c DIPs and added DIP locations from manuals.
    - 25th November 2007: Charles MacDonald - One oddity of the Sega System 16B hardware is that a few games expect a different format for the tilemap name tables. The tilemap chip (315-5197) was identical in all cases, so it seemed logical to assume there was some kind of control input to select the format. Recently I converted a Shinobi board to Dunk Shot (thanks to Chris Hardy), and this game needs the alternate format. I decided to examine the board again and see if I could find anything. It turns out that pin 77 ("8K") of the tilemap chip controls this feature. When tied to +5V the normal format is used, and when tied to ground the alternate format is selected. For System 16B the state of 8K is controlled by the ROM board, in other systems it's fixed. I also confirmed the function of 8K is the same for the older type of 315-5197 in a ceramic PGA package.
    - 0.116u2: Changed visible area to 320x224.
    - 12th May 2007: Charles MacDonald - I had the Sega System 16B hardware out again to check some issues with the display area size. While the display isn't blanked by the latches which feed the video DAC for 321 pixels, the tilemap chip (which manages priority between itself and the sprite chip) somehow gets the latches to be loaded with zero during pixel column 0, reducing the display range to a more sensible 320 pixels. A little odd, but there you have it. I guess you can't trust video timings just based on the blanking and sync signals, but I have a hunch that is usually not the case.
    - 0.114u1: Updated video timing in the Sega System 16 games according to measurements from the boards [Aaron Giles]. Changed visible area to 321x242 and VSync to 60.054389 Hz.
    - 0.113u4: Fixed crash in System 16 games (dunkshot, aliensyn, sdi, sjryuko and timescan) (machine\segaic16.c).
    - 0.113u2: Zsolt Vasvari updated a number of Sega games to use the new video timing code.
    - 0.113: Ruben added DIP locations to the Segas16b driver.
    - 0.111u6: Corrado Tomaselli updated Sega System 16/18 drivers to be mono and swapped button 1/2 to match instruction card.
    - 0.107u2: Massive cleanup/fixing of 16-bit Sega drivers [Alex Jackson]: Many corrections to descriptive set names, adding revision letters, cabinet types, etc. Fixed button ordering between System 16A/B. Fixed many dipswitches and added DIP locations support. Adjusted min/max values for analog controls to improve response. Cleaned up a number of ROM names and fixed some incorrect guesses. Actually disabling 8751 in games that have a fake replacement. Hooked up 8255 PPI correctly now that it has mode 2 support. Fixed behavior of NMI line in later sega sound boards. Fixed addressing in the SegaPCM sound system. Some hardware/documentation cleanup.
    - 0.105u5: Aaron Giles fixed a memory_set_bankptr called NULL base in the segas16b.c driver.
    - 0.105: Aaron Giles fixed crash in System 16 games introduced by last update.
    - 0.104u4: Aaron Giles fixed Segas16b games not workin using a 8751.
    - 0.103u4: Corrado Tomaselli fixed inputs in the Sega System 16b driver to match the JAMMA button ordering.
    - 0.91u2: uPD7759 rewrite, fixing sound in System 16 games [Aaron Giles].
    - 0.91: Aaron Giles added support for 3 multiply chips and 3 divide chips. Fixed timer/compare chip implementation to match real PCB (machine\segaic16). Added tilemap flipping support and sprite flipping support for 16A and 16B sprites (video\segaic16).
    - 0.90u4: Aaron Giles improved the way custom I/O controls work internally in Segas16b. Updated YM2151 mixing volume. Added pixel-accurate scaling to System 16B sprite.
    - 0.90u1: Aaron Giles unified all memory mapping code and moved it into machine\segaic16.c, unified all tilemap, sprite and road code and moved it into vidhrdw\segaic16.c and improved documentation on the various register layouts on the video side. Note that in the process, I broke the title screen animation for Laser Ghost, and there is now a 1-pixel column error on ddcrew's attract mode. These are known issues that I will try to address soon.
    - 0.89u5: Aaron Giles cleaned up the math chip emulation (machine\segaic16.c), should be much closer now.
    - 0.89u3: Sega System16 updates [Aaron Giles]: Created new machine\segaic16.c to hold non-video common hardware. Preliminary multiply/compare implementation moved there. Changed segaic_init_palette to take a number of palette entries. Fixed reset bug when running 16B/18 games.
    - 0.89u1: Sega System 16B improvements [Aaron Giles]: Fixed ROM bank mapping so it doesn't fall through to unmapped handlers. Incorporated Brian Troha's updated DIPs. Minor cleanups. Fixed column scroll after talking to Charles about how it works.
    - 0.88u7: Changed vidhrdw\segas16.c to vidhrdw\segas16b.c. Added vidhrdw\segaic16.c/h. Many improvements to Sega System 16b driver [Aaron Giles]. Cotton and many others have greatly improved video.
    - 0.88u6: Added vidhrdw\segas16.c. More Sega S16 improvements [Aaron Giles]. Further improvements to S16 decryption code [Nicola Salmoria].
    - 0.88u5: Added segas16b.c driver. Sega S16 driver updates [Aaron Giles]. Some bits better, some bits worse for now. Various Sega S16 decryption improvements [Nicola Salmoria, Charles MacDonald]. Several more CPUs read, improvements to decryption made based on those.

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