Commodore 64 - Pitstop - EMU - Monaco - 9 Laps (Fastest Time) - 06:44.0 - Roger 111

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  1. Commodore 64 - Pitstop - EMU - Monaco - 9 Laps (Fastest Time) - 06:44.0 - Roger 111

    01-14-2022, 09:59 AM

    EMU - Monaco - 9 Laps (Fastest Time)

    Fastest time may be submitted from any skill level.
    The game must allow for two simultaneous opponent cars.
    (Note: A known ROM hack reduced the number of opponent cars to one. Such versions are prohibited).

    Submission Message

    VICE/Settings in beginning, race at 3:45.
    Yeah, I had to do a double take myself...daaang!
    Can't believe how long the orange tires lasted, almost three laps, you really, really have to baby them on this track, it's the longest, by far, on this particular variation, not sure that's so on the others(too lazy to look).
    6 lapper on this is giving me trouble tho, for sure, I guess that's where I'm heading next, and next to last, really.
    Stupid 3 lap St. Jovite. 1:30 is ridiculous, ya'll can kiss my grits.
    Thanks Everyone!!!

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  2. 01-15-2022, 03:53 AM
    You crushed me score.
    Well done. Accepted
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