Amstrad CPC - Bomb Jack - EMU - Points [Marathon] - 1,025,150 - Marco Sowa-Israel

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  1. Amstrad CPC - Bomb Jack - EMU - Points [Marathon] - 1,025,150 - Marco Sowa-Israel

    01-19-2022, 02:54 AM

    EMU - Points [Marathon]
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    Submission Message
    Hi at all,
    Bomb Jack is hard, but I think on the Amstrad version it isn't as hard as on other platforms and mid of the 1980s, I played it hours and hours every day. And if you can once handle a game, you will never forget.
    I need a few games to be back on the old quality. And I remember in the 1980s I reach approx. 1300000 points. A goal for the future :) - and to be honest, the last death was mad...
    But I am happy with my reached 1025150 points in this attempt.
    Setup at the start of the video. I used the Competition Pro USB, like in the old day (best stick ever!).
    Gameplay starts at: 00:27
    Death (mad! :) ) at: 21:48
    Highscore name at: 21:53
    Highscore view at: 22:05
    Thank you all for your support. Do all support old computers. I will upload more highscores (hopefully soon) and try to reach also highscore on new games...
    Keep healthy all.

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  2. 01-19-2022, 02:57 AM
    I forgot to write, that I formerly used the nickname: MarcoCologne and since a few years I use MarCologne (part of my name and the city "Cologne", where I life and I was born.
    But In Bomb Jack, there wasn't enough space to write it completely :D
  3. 01-22-2022, 01:50 AM
    Looks good. Waiting for your next submissions.
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