Odyssey² / Videopac - Blockout! - NTSC - Points - 63,273 - Magnus Ivarsson

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  1. Odyssey² / Videopac - Blockout! - NTSC - Points - 63,273 - Magnus Ivarsson

    01-21-2022, 11:36 AM
    NTSC - Points

    Press Button (0) on the Alpha-Numeric Keypad, then press Button (1).
    Submission Message
    Here is a video for my score.

    Regards from Sweden

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  2. 01-21-2022, 12:01 PM
    You are playing a different game, on a different "console".
    There are many issues many of us have to overcome to understand the submission process, but TBH-
    Everyone else scored eight.
    You HAD to know that this couldn't possibly be right, right?
    Droplets of yes and no
    In an ocean of maybe
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  3. 01-21-2022, 12:04 PM
    lol rejected
  4. 01-21-2022, 03:23 PM
    I am afraid I am going to reject this one on the basis that you were playing the wrong game with the same name on the wrong console.

    Otherwise, those graphics would've been mad impressive for the Odyssey 2.
  5. 01-21-2022, 06:55 PM
    Rejected. Next time please check more carefully before submitting.
    Lauren Tyler
    Eternal Champion of Ragol
  6. 01-22-2022, 03:41 AM
    Just to add to the above: all submissions must be uploaded to Twin Galaxies. Voting No.
    Lots of 1sts to be surpassed: what are you waiting for? Play the game, submit the score...
  7. 01-22-2022, 07:09 AM
    It's great to see your first submission, Magnus! Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, the track you selected for submission pertains to a different game of the same name on the Magnovox Odyssey2 / Philips Videopac G7000. If you go back to the leaderboard here, you can search with both "Blockout" and "Block Out" to see the leaderboard for the game on different platforms.


    I see that we have a track for Block Out on the Atari ST, for example, but we currently don't have a leaderboard for the DOS release.

    Impressive backstory if I understand correctly - you acquired to the rights to use the name from the original publisher, and there's a leaderboard to track competitors using the browser version of the game you released:


    If you're interested in re-submitting to Twin Galaxies, the community could explore establishing a track that matches the platform and release you used for your game.

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