TRS-80 CoCo / CoCo2 - Shark Treasure - EMU - Points (Peak Score) - 35,000

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  1. TRS-80 CoCo / CoCo2 - Shark Treasure - EMU - Points (Peak Score) - 35,000

    02-15-2022, 04:38 PM

    EMU - Points (Peak Score)
    This game has no settings for the player to select, therefore no specific rules apply. Shark Treasure's scoring system is different than usual. There are two kinds of score: your current score (shown in the higher part of the screen on the left, it's the amount of gold you currently own) and your peak score (on the right, this is not related to the previous games you played but it's the maximum amount of gold you managed to earn during the game you're playing). When a shark eats you, you don't lose a life (you don't have lives) but your current score decreases (while your displayed peak score remains intact, of course). If your current score goes below zero, it's game over. Hence the only way to compete here is by comparing the peak scores reached by different players.
    Submission Message

    EMU(XRoar)/Settings in beginning, only one attempt.
    Long sub message again.
    Kinda neat to be playing this-the TI-99 was the first PC I got to use, but the CoCo2 was the first PC I owned-I was ticked, wanted a C64, lol!
    Well, after all these years, I finally accidentally came across a real one, good shape, working, and Steve, @onlyinajeep , has sent me all the chips and stuff to upgrade it, I just haven't found the guts to do it yet. :) (Soon!).
    Anyway, pretty neat-not like I am "programming", but I have been into the 80's PC's a few months now-having to type stuff into "nothing", to make something happen is pretty neat, "DIR", etc, etc, I feel a little more like an 80's computer geek now, LOVE it!
    OK. New Scoreboard. Few more to go on it, nothing too profound, fun system to play tho!
    Thanks Everyone!!!

    Oh-this EMU was a pain in the dingie to set up, if anyone struggles with it, HMU, I'll try to help, there's some system file crap to deal with.
    Decent game, the 2600 scorers could mash this!.

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  2. 02-15-2022, 06:52 PM
    Oh man, I really like this game. I have notes I will check when I get off work...ummmm, I'm on break right now, yeah, break. But I recall that this game has a Max-Out score.
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  3. 02-15-2022, 06:55 PM
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  4. 02-15-2022, 06:59 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by onlyinajeep View Post
    OK-that is hilarious, seems like something Sroka could have came up with, and I mean that with actual "I would laugh" respect.
    (Because I did laugh).
    Droplets of yes and no
    In an ocean of maybe
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  5. 02-16-2022, 07:16 AM
    Voting yes
    Start 1:15
    Final 10:15
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    JJTJohnnyLightning World #1 Racer on Arcade Game Fast & Furious Super Cars 1,872 Match Wins 52Cities
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