Xbox - Fusion Frenzy - NTSC - Rubble Alliance [Fastest Time] - 37.0

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  1. Xbox - Fusion Frenzy - NTSC - Rubble Alliance [Fastest Time] - 37.0

    03-13-2022, 04:58 PM

    NTSC - Rubble Alliance [Fastest Time]
    This is a single player only variation. CPU difficulty must be set to Medium difficulty. Play must occur in a normal Minigame Frenzy mode (not practice) or an appropriate Tournament play. Time entered is manually timed to a resolution of whole seconds only. Timed from the moment the player gains control of the character on stage 1 to the moment the player is declared winner after stage 3 (signified by the scene changing to the player celebrating). The player must win for the time to be entered.
    Submission Message
    Run at 7:15 (first pic, could very easily be late 7:14), Ends at 7:52 (pretty sure about that one, second pic). Thanks for watching.

  2. 07-02-2022, 01:46 PM
    Bumping, been around awhile.
  3. 08-10-2022, 06:10 AM
    bumping this also

    Looks good to me
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