Arcade - Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge - High Score - 2,133,600

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  1. Arcade - Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge - High Score - 2,133,600

    04-30-2022, 08:11 PM


    High Score
    You must power cycle the system before or after your run so that the game version can be clearly observed.

    Game Difficulty: 8/Hardest
    Game Speed: Turbo 3 or Free Select 3
    1 Credit only, no challenges or continues allowed

    You must enter the Test Menu and show the settings displayed in the System Configuration Menu to verify that correct settings have been used.

    Submission Message
    The following can be seen in the phone camera footage. All events can also be seen in the direct feed footage, except for the physical game board close-ups.
    00:04 – close up of game board
    00:30 – game power cycled to show startup screens
    00:43 – coin drop, start of submitted score run
    29:37 – final score
    31:14 – hi score table
    31:26 – test menu shown, including “System Configuration” options
    31:57 – game power cycled again
    32:18 – another close up of game board

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  2. 04-30-2022, 09:53 PM
    Big thanks to @Atari The Jedi for letting me use his SSF2X board.

    And for those of you that think this is a serious game, well, even the animators didn't take it too seriously.
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