Vectrex - Royal 21 - EMU - Points - 630

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  1. Vectrex - Royal 21 - EMU - Points - 630

    05-18-2022, 07:23 AM

    EMU - Points
    Developer: George Pelonis. Publisher: FURY. Release date: August 8, 2009 (Royal 21 was a limited edition game, which sold out and was released as a free download to be used on Vectrex flashcarts or emulators in December, 2012). The player may use any device or controller for their attempt. Any release of the game is allowed for submission purposes. Currently, the game can be downloaded for free here: Info about scoring can be found here:
    Submission Message
    Starts at 0:32.
    Score at 6:58.

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  2. 05-18-2022, 08:25 AM
    Looks like a fun reserve Tetris, voting yes.
    -Ohya, baby! I'm the first ever dude on the planet to get a documented PERFECT score on Bonk's Adventure!
    I also have a high score on Alfred Chicken.... yeah, not as good.
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