Commodore 64 - Pitstop - NTSC - St. Jovite - 9 Laps (Fastest Time) - 04:55.0

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  1. Commodore 64 - Pitstop - NTSC - St. Jovite - 9 Laps (Fastest Time) - 04:55.0

    05-15-2022, 05:14 PM

    NTSC - St. Jovite - 9 Laps (Fastest Time)
    Fastest time may be submitted from any skill level.
    The game must allow for two simultaneous opponent cars.
    (Note: A known ROM hack reduced the number of opponent cars to one. Such versions are prohibited)..

    Submission Message

    Hardware/Settings in beginning, attempt at 1:59.
    I have the real cart, CIB now, YAY!
    And damn, it loads fast!
    Hate the wear and tear on the cart slot, taking my Fastload out, but neat to have the real thing.
    I LOVE collecting real games, but actually feel stupid in a way, knowing I can use the SD2IEC and Freeload, play this game w/o pulling a micro bit of plastic out of the cart slot every time I do it.
    Pride for having it, knowing it's real deal, 100%, for submitting is nice, but I really want my C64 to live as long as I do, lol, and that goes for every other system I have.
    So flashcarts are for smart people, basically. People who don't throw money away. I know some people ***** about them, but they are just being contrary to common sense, really.
    What a tangent. Stupid Gabapentin. Ironic, I'm playing on a hard to get real cart, championing flashcarts...I'm kinda all over the place...
    Not a bad time., tied my EMU time, but it can be faster.
    Thanks Everyone!!!

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