Commodore 64 - Pitstop - NTSC - Albi - 9 Laps (Fastest Time) - 03:59.0

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  1. Commodore 64 - Pitstop - NTSC - Albi - 9 Laps (Fastest Time) - 03:59.0

    05-16-2022, 07:17 AM

    NTSC - Albi - 9 Laps (Fastest Time)
    Fastest time may be submitted from any skill level.
    The game must allow for two simultaneous opponent cars.
    (Note: A known ROM hack reduced the number of opponent cars to one. Such versions are prohibited).

    Submission Message

    Hardware/Settings in beginning, SD2IEC plugged in, but unused, run at 5:18.
    Few things-
    Still happy to have this real cart. Was sure I could bust a few of the 3 lappers, but so far, not so much...
    This was the time I was shooting for to tie my EMU time, but I'm pretty unhappy with it now, this can be WAY faster, I think.
    Now a bit controversial...
    I make a living cross-region, lol, I really love playing NTSC and PAL, on different games/systems.
    PAL, on C64 completely blows. Just...bad.
    I suppose one gets used to it, but A/B'ing then as actively as I do, the swimming, this, etc(keep in mind-on hardware, I am playing NTSC, on EMU, we play PAL).
    I almost feel bad for people forced to use it exclusively, based on where they live, or where they score(here, lol).
    Can play the "it's easier" card, but I don't think I buy it. With enough work, I can match almost anything I've done on PAL, on NTSC, they work out the same.
    I think it should be Player's Choice, on C64 EMU, I really do.
    Thanks Everyone!!!

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  2. 05-16-2022, 10:01 AM
    Voting yes
    Final 9:32
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