Arcade - Hydro Thunder - Thunder Park [Fastest Race] - 01:46.79

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  1. Arcade - Hydro Thunder - Thunder Park [Fastest Race] - 01:46.79

    06-28-2022, 11:18 PM

    Thunder Park [Fastest Race]
    Use Force Feedback: Yes
    Force Feedback Adjust: 50%
    Metric: Off
    Free Play: Off
    Free Race for 1st: On
    Min Multi-Player For Free Race: Off
    Enable All Boats: On
    Unlock All Tracks: On
    Pricing Menu: Optional [Due to the enormous amount of options available]
    Track Difficulty: 40
    AI Difficulty: 50
    Free Race Limiter: Off
    Limit Free Races: 20%
    Special Rules: This is a 1 Player Variation ONLY! If you have a Linked Cabinet, you must ensure NO OTHER PLAYERS JOIN IN as this MUST BE a Solo Attempt. Although you don't need to be in First place, you MUST complete the race for your time to count.
    Submission Message
    Best attempt @ 29:50
    Performed @ Galloping Ghost Arcade

    (Settings shown in the above picture in the upper left corner.)

    In addition to the evidence listed above, this was performed at Galloping Ghost Arcade which is known to have all their arcade machines on the correct settings for high score documentation. There are various submissions in the database that have been accepted solely on that information.

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  2. 06-29-2022, 03:50 PM
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