Nintendo Wii - Just Dance 2 - Outcast - Hey Ya! - Full Version [Points] - 8,230

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  1. Nintendo Wii - Just Dance 2 - Outcast - Hey Ya! - Full Version [Points] - 8,230

    06-29-2022, 11:48 AM

    Outcast - Hey Ya! - Full Version [Points]
    Score may come any of the locations in the game where a single song is played and scored: Just Dance, Just Sweat & Classic mode in Dance Battle. Player can use any one of the four positions to achieve the score. Each of the Options (available in the Extras menu) are the player's choice. There is no camera requirement. No pausing permitted. Information: Full or Short version can be ascertained by the stop-watch in the upper-left on the song selection screen. A Full version has the stop-watch with a white background. Short version has a flashing first-quarter in white only.
    Submission Message
    Achieved on 20220406. Attempt begins around 8:26.
    -- AP

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