Atari 2600 / VCS - Casino - NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B (points) - 9,999

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  1. Atari 2600 / VCS - Casino - NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B (points) - 9,999

    07-02-2022, 11:21 PM

    NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B (points)
    Game 1: one or two players with card splitting
    The switch must be in the B position, meaning the computer will shuffle the cards after each hand.
    If you break the bank and reach the WIN screen, your score will be entered as $9999.00
    Submission Message
    mp4 video and 2 screenshots. I showed power off & on and difficulty level b, both before and after the game. There's only one run in the video, and it starts at 0:47. The 1st screenshot is the last frame before the WIN screen, and the 2nd screenshot is the first frame at the WIN screen.

    I wish the rules were set up for us to all enter 10,000, because that's what the manual says you reached, but of course we're going by the TG rules. Thank you for reviewing!

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  2. 07-02-2022, 11:26 PM
    screenshots were reversed from the order they were showing in the submission. :/
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  3. 07-03-2022, 10:54 AM
    Voting yes
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