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  1. 08-05-2022, 04:10 AM
    I'll resubmit, and if that fails, then I'll start a fresh one. I'll post an update in a day or two after I attempt to add 2 split segments.
  2. 08-09-2022, 04:16 AM
    @JJT_Defender @Barthax @Excelliron

    Sorry for the ping guys, but it FINALLY uploaded as 2 seperate files. I made sure to overlap them a bit when I split the 8 hour file in two, for consistency, but it finally worked, so they are added to this submission as additional video evidence at the bottom. Disregard the time stamps on the original post info I guess, as that applies to the full video which didn't work twice. Anyways, it seems to work as two seperate file additions, so I'll take it, lol. I voted already once I saw they were up, so please vote as well, if you can, so as to limit my pain and suffering haha :P Thanks!
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  3. 09-02-2022, 12:09 AM
    Bumping for votes.
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