PlayStation 4 - Grand Theft Auto V - Fastest 301 at Darts - 23.76

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  1. PlayStation 4 - Grand Theft Auto V - Fastest 301 at Darts - 23.76

    08-04-2022, 05:19 AM

    Fastest 301 at Darts
    This record is to be attempted by an individual against an NPC opponent.

    It is measured by the time taken to reduce points from 301 to 0 according to the rules of the game.

    This interactive mini-game is found at Yellow Jack Inn, Sandy Shores.

    The record attempt should be timed, and the clock/timer must be seen in the video evidence.

    No cheats may be turned on for the duration of the attempt. The player is allowed to use cheats to reach the start point, but at no other point after that. This must be shown in the video evidence.

    This record must be attempted on the regular single player, offline version of GTA V only. GTA Online or modded versions of the base game are not acceptable.

    The original or the re-released version of GTA V can be used for the attempt.
    Submission Message
    Showing all evidence at start, booting up drive yellow fin, time start each game.
    best attempt 19:23-19:45...TIME 23:76.
    Dont think i can set up proof any better, as glare of timer too white contrast...
    Hope this is good enough...

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  2. 08-10-2022, 03:08 PM
    Ha haa!
    Anythings possible :)
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