Sega Dreamcast - Namco Museum - NTSC - Dig Dug [Points] - 75,360

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  1. Sega Dreamcast - Namco Museum - NTSC - Dig Dug [Points] - 75,360

    08-05-2022, 01:59 PM

    NTSC - Dig Dug [Points]
    Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings: Difficulty = Normal, Lives = 3, 1st Bonus = 10K, 2nd Bonus = 40K, Rest Bonus = Every 40K

    From the Dig Dug start screen, press the start button to select the OPTIONS screen and select the SETTINGS listed in the settings above.

    Do NOT pause or continue.

    Memory cards are optional.
    Submission Message
    Run begins at 1:03:15.

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  2. 08-06-2022, 04:52 PM
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