iOS - Candy Crush Saga - Level 5 - 105,380

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  1. iOS - Candy Crush Saga - Level 5 - 105,380

    08-07-2022, 10:31 AM

    Level 5
    Game version
    v1.217.0.3 - December 13, 2021
    The use of boosters is not allowed. 1
    The use of continues is not allowed.

    1: Boosters are selected or equipped by the player. Items that appear during the game as a result of gameplay are not counted as boosters, in order to prevent gameplay tactics being hindered.
    Submission Message
    Recorded: 12/28/2021
    Game Start: 4:35
    Score: 5:29

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  2. 08-08-2022, 03:06 AM
    Everything checks out. Yes.
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