NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Dr. Mario - NTSC - Points [Low Speed] - 194,700

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  1. NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Dr. Mario - NTSC - Points [Low Speed] - 194,700

    08-08-2022, 08:41 AM

    NTSC - Points [Low Speed]
    1 Life, Low Speed, Any Music, virus Level May Be Freely Chosen
    Special Rules: Please note that this variation is for Low speed. The faster the speed, the more points you can score. Please note that if at any point your game should freeze [This occurs when you make too large of a combination that the game can't properly process it], your scoring attempt ends with the last score seen before it freezes.
    Submission Message
    bootup at beginning and end
    system score and cart at end
    hard freeze which i'm excited to finally be good enough to get (next step be good enough to get the line but not cross over)

  2. 08-09-2022, 07:01 AM
    Name:  image.png
Views: 16
Size:  1.19 MBvideo now playable heres the score screengrab
    Lode Runner champ, also, Roy was right
  3. 08-09-2022, 08:05 AM
    Nice combo block, voting yes.
    -Ohya, baby! I'm the first ever dude on the planet to get a documented PERFECT score on Bonk's Adventure!
    I also have a high score on Alfred Chicken.... yeah, not as good.
  4. 08-10-2022, 05:41 AM
    Everything appears to check out, voting yes.

    If you're able to cover that window or move the light, whatever that is, it would give viewers better visibility of the TV screen
    Rampage Arcade World Champion
    ...............Roy was Right..................
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