Xbox ONE - Pac-Man Museum+ - Pac-Man 256 - Points - 1 Player - 110,553

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  1. Xbox ONE - Pac-Man Museum+ - Pac-Man 256 - Points - 1 Player - 110,553

    08-10-2022, 06:53 PM


    Pac-Man 256 - Points - 1 Player
    One life only. You may use your choice of the power-ups/upgrades you have earned.You may select any theme you want.While console releases of this game allow for 1-4 players, this record track is for points earned by a single player only.
    Submission Message
    This score was achieved on August 8, 2022.
    1st video shows boot-up, that no games or apps are running, only one player and one controller attached. Submitted run begins at 1:03:50 and is the last run of the video. Score is shown at end. There's no sound.
    2nd video is limited to gameplay downloaded from Twitch following the stream, with sound.

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  2. 08-10-2022, 10:17 PM
    Man I see some things here that really remind me of my submissions hahaha
    I'll just leave what that is up to the imagination though.

    Dalthanas youve def improved your evidence package. Very nice.

    I notice you even booted up the Xbox from an Off position. Thats probably helpful for some people, just know its not completely necessary. On consoles like this Boot-up of the game from the (Xbox) home menu is the only boot-up I require of submissions to attain my vote.

    On newer systems (6th Generation Consoles and newer) you really only need to show boot up of the game itself, not the console booting up. Sometimes submissions on here may take many attempts, and you dont want to Turn-Off/Turn-On an XboxOne 100 times in an hour, I'd imagine its probably not very good for the console. Same goes for arcade machines in many cases.

    Im sure there's some people who may prefer a boot up of the machine, and if you want to include it that fine, im just lettin ya know its not 100% necessary. Ive never shown system boot up on my PS3, only things like NES and Sega Genesis.
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