PC - TrackMania Nations [ESWC 2007] - Bonus - Bonus B-6 [Time] - 26.69

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  1. PC - TrackMania Nations [ESWC 2007] - Bonus - Bonus B-6 [Time] - 26.69

    08-16-2022, 08:56 AM

    Bonus - Bonus B-6 [Time]


    Time entered is that displayed at the completion of the track. Any shortcuts are permissible within the game confines.

    Submission Message
    *#CopyPasta (2/2)*
    Game Start: 0:00

    Bonus B-0
    Run start: 1:06:55
    Run end: 1:07:25

    Bonus B-1
    Run start: 1:11:20
    Run end: 1:11:50

    Bonus B-2
    Run start: 1:12:29
    Run end: 1:13:01

    Bonus B-3
    Run start: 1:19:27
    Run end: 1:19:50

    Bonus B-4
    Run start: 1:28:07
    Run end: 1:28:36

    Bonus B-5
    Run start: 1:30:14
    Run end: 1:30:43

    Bonus B-6
    Run start: 1:32:17
    Run end: 1:32:47

    Bonus B-7
    Run start: 1:34:20
    Run end: 1:34:50
    Really glad I got this done pretty much immediately, cause this last jump is hard and a lot of times you just get bad landings and can't make it.

    Bonus B-8
    Run start: 1:41:14
    Run end: 1:41:42

    Bonus B-9
    Run start: 1:47:30
    Run end: 1:48:01
    *#/CopyPasta (2/2)*

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