Game Boy / Game Boy Color - Tetris DX - Marathon Mode - Lines - 915

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  1. Game Boy / Game Boy Color - Tetris DX - Marathon Mode - Lines - 915

    09-05-2022, 06:40 AM

    Marathon Mode - Lines
    • 1 life only.
    • Player may use a guest account or personal name file.
    • Player may freely change music type or select none.

    Special Rules
    • This variation is tracked via the Fastest Completion of 40 lines at Level 0, Height 5.
    • Your time will be what the game displays upon completion of the 40th line.
    • Pausing is not permitted.
    • Player may not use the rising block glitch or the run will be disqualified.

    Submission Message
    A video capture made with my webcam on September 4, 2022. Sorry if the background music is annoying (Have A Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" : fantastic album). I filmed my head and my license to certify my identity at the end of the video.

    The original video was very large and I had to reduce it to send it to you, I can of course provide the video in its original quality.

    The same video will be submitted in the marathon / points.

    It's the first time I submit a video, don't hesitate to give me advice to improve.

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