PlayStation - Jupiter Strike - High Score [Points]

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  1. PlayStation - Jupiter Strike - High Score [Points]

    09-08-2022, 05:06 AM


    Game Name

    Jupiter Strike


    High Score [Points]

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    Highest is best
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    High Score [Points]

    No Pausing---

    No Continues---

    No Codes---

    Must show power up of the PS1/Game---

    Full performance must be shown

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  2. 09-30-2022, 01:00 AM
    bumping this proposal
    Rampage Arcade World Champion
    ...............Roy was Right..................
  3. 09-30-2022, 03:05 PM
    I'll give a few points here.
    -Ohya, baby! I'm the first ever dude on the planet to get a documented PERFECT score on Bonk's Adventure!
    I also have a high score on Alfred Chicken.... yeah, not as good.
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