PC - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - High Score Run (Michaelangelo) - 1,916

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  1. PC - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - High Score Run (Michaelangelo) - 1,916

    09-13-2022, 09:10 AM

    High Score Run (Michaelangelo)
    Use appropriate character for the track you are submitting to.
    Arcade Mode must be played.
    Okay Difficulty or Higher Setting.
    Button Config - Any.
    Settings - Any.
    No Continues.
    Run stops once last life is lost.
    For 2 or more player tracks any combo of charters can be used and run ends once all lives are lost for every player.
    Excessive point leeching will disqualify the run. (50 points leeched MAX per boss. 10 on normal bad guys that can spawn enemies, Mouserbot for example)

    Submission Message
    I'm on a turtle roll. I took a break from the 1989 game (and I will be coming back with a 1CC for that, hopefully soon) and even the 1991 game since TG's record can be easily surpassed.
    But I also decided to get the new turtles game which I have been playing extensively. I did the Okay difficulty since Gnarly is well... too Gnarly.
    Extra Note 1: On terms of points pressing. The amount of mousers destroyed in the Baxter Stockman fight is under 40 (he usually summons 6 to 7 at a time) and while I did not count the mousers created by the large mouserbots, I am confident that I did allow even 10 to be generated
    Extra Note 2: The original file size of my video (recorded using the default windows game video recorder) was in excess of 7GB, so I had to do some compression to allow it to be uploaded to TG. No alteration was made to the footage in any shape or form.

  2. 09-13-2022, 01:21 PM
    The pauses you see are because I have two monitors, and I often watch videos while playing. It is me selecting new stuff while going on with the game. Or sometimes hitting the wrong button. I hope they don't cause an issue.
  3. 11-27-2022, 02:12 AM
    Bumping for votes and views.
  4. 01-13-2023, 12:48 AM
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