PC - Driver - Undercover - The Negatives [Time] - 01:05.76

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  1. PC - Driver - Undercover - The Negatives [Time] - 01:05.76

    09-19-2022, 07:53 AM

    Undercover - The Negatives [Time]
    The time entered is the difference between the start time and the end time of the mission. The mission must be completed successfully. Where the start time is not shown during the initial action the start time will be rounded up to the next available second. For example, if the action begins and the timer appears after this event and is counting down through 1 minute 55 seconds, the start time is considered 1:56. Where the start time is obfuscated, adjudicators must come to a reasonable start time which can be calculated from the duration or other observable times, rounded up to the nearest second. The end time must be shown clearly. Player must show the cheats menu and the Game Difficulty. No cheats permitted. Cop Difficulty must be set to Medium. Other settings are player's choice. A saved game may be used to gain access to unlocked missions/games.
    Submission Message
    Achieved sometime in 2004. Attempt begins around 29:27. Start time is 1:55.66, end time is 49.90 = 1:05.76.

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