Intellivision - Space Armada - NTSC/PAL - 15 Minute Challenge - 250,400

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  1. Intellivision - Space Armada - NTSC/PAL - 15 Minute Challenge - 250,400

    09-25-2022, 10:14 PM

    NTSC/PAL - 15 Minute Challenge
    This variation is for both NTSC and PAL as there is no difference between the two on the Intellivision Video Game Console.This is a 15 minute challenge timed track for the Intellivision game Space Armada. You have 15 minutes to get your high score. Play the game in Game Mode by pressing number 1 on the keypad. Your 15 minutes will start when you press enter to start the game. Your score will be the last score displayed within the 15 minutes. Note, your score is only shown on screen in between armadas, when you lose a laser and at the end of the game. From the main title screen hit the disc, then button 1 and then enter. Once you press enter the 15 minute clock starts.
    Submission Message
    This is my submission for the Space Armada 15 Minute (Game Mode) Challenge. My game starts at the 00:30 mark of the video and ends at the 15:00 mark. Final score of 250,400 points is shown on screen at the 15:00 mark so essentially my game was timed at 14 minutes and 30 seconds so well within the 15 minute time limit. The game was booted up in the beginning. At the end of the video I showed my Intellivision system II hardware, the power was on and the Space Armada cartridge was shown in the port. At the very end of the video I reset the console and turned the power off. Thanks for watching and voting.

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