PC - Alien Hallway - Changing the looks - Medium Difficulty [Time] - 01:00.0

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  1. PC - Alien Hallway - Changing the looks - Medium Difficulty [Time] - 01:00.0

    12-04-2022, 02:40 AM

    Changing the looks - Medium Difficulty [Time]
    Must use the specified scenario and difficulty combination. Time taken from the results screen or a verifiable difference in start/end times (such as the final victory congratulations). The results screen result takes precedence. Victory or Congratulations must be declared at the end. Any Units, Skills and Weapons combination may be used.

    Submission Message
    Achieved on 20190126. Attempt begins around 15:12.
    Big thanks to @Luigi Ruffolo and to @voltronforce0 for the track sponsorship. :D

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  2. 12-06-2022, 02:06 PM
    Voting yes
    A few more hours to do a few
    Checks out
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