PC - Party Hard - Classic - BBQ Party - Hinter [Time] - 04:28.0

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  1. PC - Party Hard - Classic - BBQ Party - Hinter [Time] - 04:28.0

    12-06-2022, 07:31 PM

    Classic - BBQ Party - Hinter [Time]
    Single Player only in the given scenario of the track title. Must succeed by being the last survivor. Time taken from underneath the picture on the results screen shown after successful completion or a verifiable change in the player's best stat on the level select screen during recording (such as when the result screen is not displayed due to the credits roll): the results screen always takes precedence if displayed. The player may enable the Twitch integration (Options setting) for additional events. Note [1]: characters are not named in the game footage/selection screen but each has a different tag-line at the selection screen. Character and tag-line pairs are as follows (given in left-right screen order). Darius = A guy trying to get some sleep. Detective West = Bears dead body without suspicion, can't use traps. Ninja = Shouldn't be seen, has Stealth ability and Smoke Grenade. Katie = Should Kick and Kill. Butcher = Let the massacre begin! Edward One = Tends to cease dreadful things. Hinter = Need to be fast or dead, the choice is yours. Note [2]: at the level selection screen, the normal story maps appear at the top row and the After Party maps appear in the smaller boxes underneath - scenes are re-used but the scenarios differ.

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    Achieved on 20190601. Chosen around 40:58. Attempt begins around 2:25:16.
    -- AP

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