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07-11-2017 at 05:10 AM
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New Game Track is not available to me!


After I donate 25 points to create a new track for Hyrule Warriors Legends, the variation is not available in my account or in database, is the new track must be aproved by the admin after the donation points? it is a bug?
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  1. DadsGlasses's Avatar
    D you have the "Premium Tracks Only" check box checked or unchecked?
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  2. DadsGlasses's Avatar
    What is the track? I can look to see if it shows up for me.
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  3. Siliconian's Avatar
    Hi DadsGlasses,

    This is the track:

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    I found the track in the database now, but is not available in my account to add new tracks using that. There's a lot of variation to be create using this new track.
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