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01-06-2018 at 10:56 AM
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Search Track Filters is not Working!

Hi Guys,

The Search Track filters is not working anymore, anyone with the same problem?
@admin staff, can you fix it? Thanks
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  1. starcrytas's Avatar
    I have encountered the same problem.
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  2. Max's Avatar
    Yes. I can also confirm this is not currently functioning. I left a message in the website forum very recently on the same topic too.

    On a side note, when submitting recently I finally found the track I wanted after scrolling through 19 of the 20 pages on the game in question. haha. The sort that is delivered is also jumbled up a bit too so the tracks are no longer in any order whatsoever currently.

    I treated the situation like a submission game. Who can find the track the fastest? I didn't fair so well. :D
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  3. CWK's Avatar
    Yes stopped working since the last update...I many updates it's hard t tell. Fix what we have then add new features
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    [MENTION=32630]admin staff[/MENTION], can you reply?
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