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08-21-2019 at 11:33 AM
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Letter for Matthew Felix

Quote Originally Posted by starcrytas
I came across an old forum post about a speedrun for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening by Ryan Williamson.!! The time announced is 2:07:49, but in the database, Ryan has a 2:07:39. A 10 second difference. Must be a typo by Kelly Flewin. In the forum post on page 3, post #23, Ryan says he used using save/quit on his speedrun, which isn't allowed by the current rules. Looks like the rules got changed some time after Ryan's run. I suggest correcting the time to 2:07:49 and the rules be updated to allow the Save & Quit technique.
Funny, you and other Haters are under attack of my old scores because are "suspicious" and "spliced" and other things and here you just want to fix the record or update the rules for your buddy, are you kidding me, right? I don't have doubts about you and your bad intentions against me, you already dispute many of my scores and it will continue forever, I am waiting you dispute all my records from old Twin Galaxies era, probably +800 records. The Dispute System has become a Playground for you and other haters to attack me. I doubt you dispute a fastest completion record of anyone player from old Twin Galaxies records without video proof! No, this won't happen, your attacks are against me, your fanatism breaks the barrier of human concience, you even contact me via facebook looking for explanation of old records done by me and other Metroid Team members, i have to block you and delete you from my "friends" contact, c'mon man, you are crazy!!! You want I find my old tapes, clean all them, find a good VCR and record my old records because you and opther haters disputed my records and are looking to, this will never happen, never, can you hear me? NEVER! "Oh Rodrigo, if you no have time, find someone to do this for you!" "just use your mobile camera to record the screen", "Have many tutorials in the internet how to do this" I am not a kid like you, I don't have the available time of 20 years ago whan I play videogame from day to the night, the Metroid Team don't play together does +10 years, we married, we have jobs, we have children, we have responsability. Today, to play videogame is just a fun to me, my records in the last years was Android or iPhone because I don't have time to play videogame consoles at home, maybe 3 hours by day if possible. You have to understand one thing, if I have +8000 ESI, +5400 WR, 50000 Credibility or +22000 Thanks/likes in this website, it was build with my capacity during these 20 years playing for Twin Galaxies. My dedication for Twin Galaxies was build with my own credibility, I become referee and help the website grow up with my experience, more +10,000 tracks was created by me along these years and I never earned $1 cent doing this, just love to contribute for this website, spending my time helping the others and still showing to be a competitive player to motivate other player to submit their scores. You has become a hater against me and other guys are in the same way following you, I don't have fear to lose all my records dispute by you and other haters, I don't care if my Legend of Zelda and others that will come from you will be stripped out from website, I don't have fear to be banned because you are disputing my scores, this is your real intention, You want I be banned from this website, and you and your haters will continue until you find the "proof" for this, even you manipulate records to find your proof. You are disputes my scores because you are a haters, not because my record is impossible to beat. Doesn't matter is my records are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, you will dispute because you the dispute system is a playground for haters. You are looking in old forum things that I said +10...+15 years ago like "proofs" for my dispute. "Rodrigo have the tapes in your closet"...YES...I HAD IT 15 YEARS AGO!!!! "Rodrigo said is possible to do below 30 minutes in Zelda" YES...I SAID IT 15 YEARS AGO!!! Would you like to know a thing? I don't remeber my route in 31:37, I don't remember my route in A Link to the Past...I don't remeber what I eat last week....I don't remember how to do below 30 minutes in Zelda....i don't know if is the same route, i don't know if is other route...I don't know, and this is not proof for a dispute in Legend of Zelda. In my personal opinion, Twin Galaxies shoud take a look for these haters, GibGirl started a dispute and this is the reason: "I'm opening a dispute for this time, not because I have specific evidence that it's not valid, but because of a number of factors listed below. I believe these give sufficient reason to consider this time questionable. I understand this may technically constitute a violation of the dispute rules, but I feel this is important enough to do so regardless, no matter the outcome" Doesn't matter the result for you? "Technically constitute a violation of dispute rules", "there's no specific evidence" Now, you have tons of evidence and the dispute is valid? "Hater members" and "new members" attack me with all sides and you tag me "Can you answer me?" Go to hell starcrytas!!! Starcrystas: "Here we have another one of Rodrigo Lopes's Zelda times that the speedrunning community has questioned" Which? Speed Demos Haters Archive? Are you talking about Tompa? Ask him...ask Rudi, ask Tom Duncan, ask Scott Stiphen...they are super friends, the best of the world...the best friends than I can imagine....and you are now in my list of best friends too, congratulations!! We are not talking about a wrong score, a impossible time or a incorrect rules, we are talking about haters, disputing my records because the the evidence is = "final moments....", "things that I said 15 years ago" and "I want you submit your scores again" Now, can you the others Twin Galaxies players see the diffence between me and Ryan Willianson in a Legend of Zelda score in the view of Matthew Felix? Ryan Willianson: Status: Incorrect time and incorrect rules and no video (old record from 2003): Matthew Felix words: Must be fixed the time and the rules, video is not necesary...No dispute! Rodrigo Lopes: Status: All OK, record is possible to beat (already beaten), but no have video. Mathew Felix and the fellow Haters words: suspicious, spliced, self verified, it is a violation of dispute rules but who cares, doesn't matter the result of dispute, we need from you the videotape records. DISPUTE NOW! That's is the difference!! I hope you do dispute all 100,000 old records without TGSAP, you have a lot of work with Pinball records, all them very trustable records...let's pass here!!! No wait...just my records are suspicious, right? Because I am Brazilian player or maybe I can't be the top ESI or WR? You have to study your stupid math lesson now... One day, the dispute will close and something will happen, my record probably will be deleted because you will continue find proofs and proofs until you win this war, then you will start other...." but Rodrigo, why you don't defend yourself? You had time to had time to submit your old had time show to everybody they are wrong!!! No....let they do this....let they delete the records....because this will not stop, other dispute will come after that...and the reason is the GibGirl words = "Doesn't matter the result." "Technically constitute a violation of dispute rules", "there's no specific evidence" The dispute System has become a playground for the haters! Victim = ME! Then you will snap the neck bones, a deep breath...a say to yourself...I got it! Rodrigo is gone. And now the kingdom are happy: the King, the Prince and the Jester.
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  1. Tompa's Avatar

    Nice wall of text...

    To me, your Zelda runs only became suspicious because of your secrecy towards them, 15 years ago as well as now. You kept disrepect runners during the era, you made fun of everyone and bragged about your times. That's why you weren't welcomed at SDA, that's why people didn't like you. You never did anything to help out, nothing to forward the skills, nothing to help research on the games.

    I can't fully respect and admire any runner who refuse to share their work. It's impossible to know if a player is skilled or not without any kind of evidence I don't care how many "World Records" you have (Especially since practically none are WORLD records, just "Best on TG"), it doesn't fix your attitude. And why does it matter if your are from Brazil...?

    I would love to trust and respect you, but that just hasn't been possible yet.

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  2. GibGirl's Avatar

    I'm just wondering why you wouldn't want the accolades as one of the best speedrunners ever, given how many of your runs were world-record times that stood up as a record for many, many years - and others were so close. All you'd have had to do is show the runs, and people would have recognized you as one of the best across many, many games. EZScape and Apollo Legend would be mentioning you in their videos, highlighting your runs in their histories of various games.

    Why would you have taken the time to master those games better than anyone else but never show them to anyone?

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  3. Ninglendo's Avatar

    Im also wondering how a person that claims they don't have time to upload the runs can also submit literally THOUSANDS of Angry Birds and Hyrule Warrior scores. That's a lame duck excuse if you ask me.

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  4. starcrytas's Avatar

    Since this is directed at me

    Response to Rodrigo Lopes:

    First of all, I have never had any contact with Ryan Williamson. He's not my "buddy." Ryan came and left way before I even knew what Twin Galaxies was! I was searching around the old forums for some Link's Awakening rulings because I started to speedrun the game on 3DS and then the original Game Boy version. If you read the post, you'll see Ryan himself say he used Save & Quit and what the time actually was! It's there, clear as day, crystal clear, for all to see!

    I don't want to dispute ALL of the scores pre-TGSAP. Just the ones that are indeed impossible like a wrong digit or the score is not possible within the rules or the speedrun was spliced like Michael Damiani's The Minish Cap speedrun. Plus, I won't dispute all of your scores. I either don't know or don't care about many games you played. Also, I know many of the times are possible such as Alex Kidd. I've told you before, I only have questions on Zelda NES and Four Swords Adventures. This is only 3 of your 5400+ scores!

    I don't have a bias towards you. You put yourself in this situation by not showing your videos. Legend of Zelda speedruns are one of the most popular speedruns! Of course people are going to question times without a video! As for other Metroid Team users, only you and Carlos Krueger have questionable scores. Carlos has Donkey Kong Country, you have Legend of Zelda. See the disputes!

    I know life happens, responsibilities change, school, work, family, whatever. I get that. However, you have time to post tons of Angry Birds and Final Fantasy Android scores to TG, when you could have used that time to get your old tapes on Youtube or TG to prove your innocence. You also could have done this years ago when you had the time, but you chose not to, which puts us in this situation.

    As for your work at TG, it doesn't excuse your scores. Even Todd Rogers was respected. But when it came out that Todd cheated, everyone didn't care about Todd being a nice guy. Same goes for you. All the likes/thanks, track creation, ESI, and referee work doesn't mean your scores are automatically legitimate!

    I'm not being a "hater." All I did was review your final moments evidence, combined with how enemies spawn thanks to @mrturk and it shows that you either spliced on Level 9 footage or lost 2 minutes to recover and enter Level 9 a second time since entering Level 9 with a 2 minute time loss means glitches were used.

    Here's my post here:

    Heck, even @RTM wants the tape of your scores on TG so it can answer questions. The most trustworthy referee according to you!

    "Rodrigo have the tapes in your closet" YOU TOLD ME IN MY PM SCREENSHOT

    "Rodrigo said is possible to do below 30 minutes in Zelda" YOU TOLD ME IN MY PM SCREENSHOT

    Don't play the "oh, I'm being attacked unfairly, feel sorry for me" excuse on me. You put yourself here because you have the tapes, you showed you can put tapes online (see your Goonies speedrun), and you bragged about your speedruns on Speed Demos Archive.

    Don't use the Zelda 2 Kristian Emanualson excuse, you already used it twice! Once in the PM's you sent me, and once on another wall post. Difference here is that Kristian proved his Zelda 2 speedrun. That's why he got praise and you didn't!

    No one said to upload all 100+ VHS tapes. Just the tapes containing the disputed Legend of Zelda speedruns. Again, many tutorials online can help you easily put your tape footage on Youtube! I'm sure there are people here on TG who have done this before.

    Answer this:
    If your speedruns are legit, why not release them and end this issue for good?

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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    this is probably gonna be seen as off topic to a lot of you, but rodrigo i noticed you listed a bunch of people as close friends. two of them being scott stilphen and tom duncan. i've done a bit of research of scott and he's done alot of for this site sticking up for good scores back when doing so was very unpopular and calling out people who are now banned back when those banned members where seen as pure and just. he long ago banned ton duncan from his site, so scott and tom i dont think can be called friends.

  6. Madsandy's Avatar

    Why was this ever put out on the social section? This could have been sent either via a direct message to the Users in question or put in the dispute thread. Being one if the oldest members here, I assume you of all people should know better than to attempt to drag another user through the mud for the sole purpose of getting revenge. I know I can't speak for anyone else on this site, but I personally find this sort of behavior

  7. Madsandy's Avatar

    to be unacceptable from a veteran member such as yourself. I sincerely hope that you deem it fit to act in a more civil, professional manner in the future.

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  8. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    I'm not going to opine about this situation in a social thread. I will instead simply make a recommendation for anyone who is interested in VHS to AVI/MP4 conversion without the need for any special hookup/wire/hardware/tutorials/etc.

    Step 1: Put the VHS tape in your VCR and hit "Play"
    Step 2: Point your webcam at the TV and hit "Record" in your software.
    Step 3: When the run is over, hit "Stop" in your software.

    Voila! You now have your VHS recording in AVI and/or MP4 format to share with the world at your leisure, and it didn't cost a dime.

  9. starcrytas's Avatar


    Rodrigo has time to type this letter and play, create tracks for, adjudicate, and submit scores on Hyrule Warriors, Angry Birds, and Android Final Fantasy - to name a few, but doesn't have time to prove his speedruns.

    Updated 08-21-2019 at 05:16 PM by starcrytas
  10. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    don't mind me, i'm just here to watch and hope for the tape to be uploaded.

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  11. swaggers's Avatar

    Over 20 records submitted in the last 2 days alone but no time.......

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  12. datagod's Avatar

    Load the tape into a VCR. Point a web camera at the TV. Stream it live. That is what a lot of people do.

    Show everyone your submission, shut down the witch hunt once and for all.

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  13. BRaG's Avatar

    One of, if not the top ESI leader refuses to show why or how he has climbed his way to the top is pretty sad, Rodrigo. Imagine if you were a new member and you saw someone of that high of a ranking refusing to shed some light on how he got some records. A true blemish on this site and the fact that it is current with an active member (who doesn't have the time yet submits daily) is just another reason why this site will always be viewed as inferior. Inferior to what? Who the hell knows because there isn't a single competitive videogame site with a clean track record.

    I hope you take the time to clear your name Rodridgo because as far as I see it, you're a shady character that with refusing to show how you became so great means you're not really that.

  14. datagod's Avatar

    Rodrigo, you have been active here for 20 years. Don't let these accusations stand. Prove them wrong, show them you didn't cheat. Load the tape, push play. We are counting on you buddy!!

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  15. timmell's Avatar

    I know this letter was to Matthew. But make some paragraphs.

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  16. thegamer1185's Avatar

    While I agree a video would solve this whole thing, I have to agree with not giving people advice on how to achieve a time or score. Figure it out yourself or watch the tape....oops, my bad. Sorry everybody. No tape.

    Seriously though, I understand not wanting to give tips on games. Especially if a time/score is a ***** and you found a way to beat it. Some things you just got to test and figure out yourself. Someone withholding advice doesn't make them a bad person/cheater. Just my 2 cents about that.

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  17. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by timmell

    I know this letter was to Matthew. But make some paragraphs.

    What I was going to say.
  18. datagod's Avatar

    Just show us the proof and put this to bed. You have the power. You have the tools. You can clear yourself once and for all.

    Or are you unable to prove it actually cheated???

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  19. SuperTailsChao's Avatar

    All 5,800+ of your scores when you get banned:

    Image result for ight imma head out

  20. Siliconian's Avatar

    A newbie member and a Hater, this is I am talking about, the legion of Haters here and outside Twin Galaxies.

    Like I told before, I will not expect other thing, I know I will be banned soon or later because this will not stop, never!

    After you, other haters will come, other...and other....

    The brain wash is great against other players to desohonor guys will manipulate, will talk, will proof and will win.

    I can't do anything, just sit and wait!

    I hope [MENTION=31815]Jace Hall[/MENTION] are with me.

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