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02-06-2018 at 11:14 AM
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Fun Stuff :)

Sharing some fun finds from the Twin Galaxies office.
There are a lot of hidden treasure to be uncovered while digging through boxes. :)

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@Ninglendo @timmell @House
  1. Ninglendo's Avatar
    Oh man that DVD is seriously a great find! That shirt brings back great memories of doing that Life Force marathon for 1337 Lounge Live as well. Awesome stuff Franny!
  2. datagod's Avatar
    Are you planning on selling copies? Put me down!
  3. DadsGlasses's Avatar
    Loving the @Ninglendo shirt!
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  4. Marcade's Avatar
    I am still trying to get my hands on my TWO BALLS!!!

    (OK, no replies to that is necessary) ;)

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  5. Ninglendo's Avatar
    @Marcade I have one of them and it will be in the mail along with your webcam. :)
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