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11-12-2021 at 09:49 AM
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vectrex star trek rules clarification

so i realize, settings, when not otherwise stated is default. the problem with star trek (more below) is i'm not sure the difference of setting is enough to justify a new track. tagging @RaGeNyC since he can tell me how we would've reffed back then

as a refresher. star trek has 9 levels. 8 normal levels and the end boss is given level 9. when you beat level 9 you start over. The black hole allows you to warp to level 9. by default this is one level 1. so effectively, you do level 1, go to 9, then loop back to 1 and continue. this effectively lets you do level 1 twice. depedning on the persons skill level it may be advantageous to have the black hole some where else. a better player may wish to do levels 1-4 twice before going to 5 whereas the worse player who cant even make it to level 4 may prefer the level one default

i think it would be interesting to allow starting level optional as that comes down to the person basically betting on themselves. the more sure you are of yourself, the higher the level you want the black hole to appear. to sure of youreslf, and you overshot and the blackhole is no benefit. to unsure of yourself and you short change yourself the opporutnity at scores

i didnt think it makes a big enough difference to justify a new track so i dont plan to make one. I'm also 99% sure this track has to set the black hole to level 1, but i figured no harm in asking in case of that 1% chance

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  1. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    For clarity, the rules could have stated Game 1, as intended, and how everyone submitted.

    I always leaned towards uniformity (and just basic 'ease of rules'), but I do see where you're coming from with your black hole start-level deduction. But I agree, not really enough to justify a worthy new track.

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    fortunatley once one of can clear level 8, it becomes a moot point and top score is almost there, i also hope to almost be there. still, its an aspect of the game i couldnt help but to think about as in this case it feels more like an option than a setting if that makes sense

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