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11-19-2021 at 09:19 PM
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The paradox of the niceness of rogerpoco

who doesnt enjoy "spit gaming". i mean if you hate someone and you beat their score that makes it even more sweet right? man i loooooove beating jerks scores. i mean not a jerk like me, i'm a loveable jerk, i mean like really jerky jerks. But thats just it. thats why @Rogerpoco is the biggest jerk of us all, cause hes so freaking nice. Like i'm competing with him on vectrex and i wanna beat him. But its not the same cause i like him. and since i like him beating him doesnt feel so good. that jerk, why cant he be mean, if he was mean it would be more fun beating him but since hes nice its no fun beating him and therefore hes a jerk cause hes not a jerk

amirite? man the semantics are hard. i'm sure i got the wording wrong, but you get it righ?

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  1. RedDawn's Avatar

    100% Correct. Its a real jerk move being nice like that all the time.

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar


    I'll definitely glow today, made me feel good!

    I plan to be around forever, but who knows-I've actually told people if I were gone, and someone laid up because of one of my scores, I would haunt them.


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  3. kernzyp's Avatar

    What I read:
    "I'm a massive jerk and I can't handle the fact nobody else is, so I'll project myself on a non jerk, and see if it sticks."
    Why not beat one of my scores, and feel eternally sad?
    Hit me !

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp

    What I read:
    "I'm a massive jerk and I can't handle the fact nobody else is, so I'll project myself on a non jerk, and see if it sticks."
    Why not beat one of my scores, and feel eternally sad?
    Hit me !

    ewwww i'm not gonna project myself on roger with my sticky stuff. gross.

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  5. kernzyp's Avatar


    ewwww i'm not gonna project myself on roger with my sticky stuff. gross.


    Aww, bless.
    I feel extremely privelidged that you saved it all for me.
    You saved yourself for me, the ultimate, non jerk King. :)
    I wonder how high up I really am on your jerkometer.

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  6. RaGeNyC's Avatar

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  7. kernzyp's Avatar



    I seriously do not relate "jerk", to "wanker", as I should.
    The Steve Martin film was very misleading.

    Vote on this for me, jerker NY ? The tag never worked.
    I'll give you a free jerk, later.
    I have two. ;)

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  8. Intellivision Master's Avatar

    First observation: Snow: Please send me a dose of your Nice-guy-pills. You've been way too nice lately! I'm a little worried LOL

    Second: You are right !!! Since we're all friends ... some perhaps a little closer bonds than with others ... but you don't want your friend to feel bad if you beat his score! I can definitely relate! And EVEN if I think a guy is a jerk ... I still feel bad beating his score ... that's the honest truth!

    Here's something that may help you re: Roger: He has enough scores! And he knows it !!! Beating a few here and there won't phase him! Plus he's a good guy! .....

    If you ask me, I think he's running for a political post at TG. No-one is THAT diplomatic in a competition setting. Remember, I'm Canadian (we're raised to be diplomatic) ... and Roger out-Canadian's me by a country mile!

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  9. Snowflake's Avatar

    well my own 'niceness' is like most peoples, its a combination me as well as whatever it is i'm reacting to. TG's had a lot less to be angry about lately, and the disagreements are among people who for the most part know how to handle disagreements like adults

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  10. kernzyp's Avatar

    Forget borders, country lines, races, colours, genders, etc.
    We are alined more accurately by personality type. Are we the same animal?
    I love it when someone beats my score, but, at the same time, gives me a new goal. I am not jealous. I know, with practice, I can beat it back, or accept defeat. I will not scream at you for winning, I'll hold your damn hand up and award you the trophy.
    I know when I'm beat, when no more time is given to assist the goal.
    So right now, all my scores are up for grabs !!
    After converstations, Roger and I share simialrities. He's a fkn geezer. :)
    A gentleman. Honest and true, and willing to give you, and everyone, his time.
    "Your time", is the greatest gift you can give, because your life = time.
    If anyone wastes your time, they are "wasting your life", and must be extinguished.
    The clock starts ticking when you are born, and if you can escape accidents or dis-EASE, you were lucky.
    Canada to America, is like New Zealand, to Australia.
    One is a bullying big brother, same as Korea.
    Same as the elite against us.
    They hate us. Rise above.
    Our servants, now live upstairs.
    They are on the fkn news.
    Turn them off.

    Remember. "Geezer", in the East End of London, means you are a top bloke, and not to be messed with.
    Maybe a jock, in US teenage eyes, but with a family based honour. Like the "Krays".
    It's an accolade, not a put down.
    Roger is a geezer.
    I'm gonna make a flag !!

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  11. stygian's Avatar

    That poco, what a jerk.

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  12. Intellivision Master's Avatar

    Steve ... I know Eh?

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