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11-23-2021 at 07:30 PM
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wow i love tg

so theres been recent drama, but look at that, no banning, no real damage and things back to normal peace again

Historic Tg had issues. TGSAP had issues. But can anyone deny it gets better each passing day?

hey i've been banned twice (well at least twice i suppose its possible i forgot about additional bans), and as much as i still disagree with those bannings, i like the place overall.

drama is a trade off. silence criticism too much, and the corrupt are free to collude without being checked. allow too much criticism are you got nothing but insults every day.

so while i may disagree with new tg on details, i dont really think theres any doubt that everything put togehter, its forever pushing forward to the perfect balance of everything.

man i love this place, even when i hate it.

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