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01-12-2019 at 01:29 PM
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Intel liaison commando

@Rogerpoco I’m on level three and 52k let’s talk about how to beat this one
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    so heres my thoughts so far

    * leeching is possible but a moot point. it would take so long per point, and honestly is harder than regular play thats its just plain not worth it. oh sure if someone learned how to leech people would complain thats unfair, but realistically it would actually be easier to just learn to play the game straight up

    * best way to do a level is just go through as fast as possible -- hence my above point of not leeching. walls in particular you wnat to go right through as fast as possible dont waste time with the tempting grenade stock piles

    *the trench soldiers are usually worth killing at least one of as you pass

    * end of level doesnt seem to require killing all the soldiers so much as suriving a certain amount of time. there were a few times i did not defeat everyone yet they eventually walked off screen

    *once i learned level 1 and the basic tips above, level 2 i got much more quickly

    *level 3 i've only made it too once now (though i have no doubt it'll be easy to get to again) and i got piked off right near the end. seems to be the one spot in the game where you dont just rush through and theres delicate balance of killing things before they get you versus not hanging out for too long

    * looked up some youtube videos, the game just loops the three levels over and over and far as i can tell difficulty never goes up, so shouldnt take long to be able to marathon this, though pee breaks would be an issue since there are no safe spots.

    *i've encountered no bugs yet. an oddity for an intellivision game since they're usually quite bug filled.

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    oh, one more point. since the end of level 1 you can get about 10k per guy, i guess if we're just compting among ourselves and we cant do level 3 yet, it would make sense to kill ourselves at the end of level 1 and then redo it until the last guy at which point take him as far as you can. thats clearly a dead end tactic, but current scores are low enough that in the short term that would be the easiest way to get the record.

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    ug i beat the end of level 2 first time i saw it so assumed it was easy. i've never beaten it since. must've been a fluke. on the bright side i'm getting far better at level 1 and everythong on level 2 except the end

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