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01-15-2019 at 11:40 AM
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channel F populated

ok i've submitted pretty much all my channel f scores except 5. 4 speed runs that i dont feel like timing, and 1 score that i didnt get a good shot of but i'm not up to reconnecting and playing any of them just yet.

I can finally move those to my back up storage and clean up harddrive space now that they're submitted

I hope these innaugrals encourage others to give the Channel F some love. @Barthax i'm looking at you.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i noticed you created the first tracks. thank you for that.

  3. GibGirl's Avatar

    Send me one and I'll play and submit. 😉

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    well @GibGirl i find myself using this line about a lot of things, but it applies alot "its rare, but when low supply comibnes with low demand its affordable".

    $50 for mine in the box. however it did take forever to find it. you'll get one affordably, and the search is half the fun.

  5. GibGirl's Avatar

    I've picked up most of the mainstream consoles now, so it's just waiting for good opportunities to pick up others as they come along. I've got a lead right now on an Odyssey2 with the speech unit and about 30 games, many still in box, for a great price - just the kind of thing I hope I stumble across for other also-ran consoles in the future.

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    sweet. i dont got speech for 02, but i can tell you 02 is a bit better than i expected. much like for years turbografx 16 was under appricated. sure snes is better, but not as much better as peole seemed to think. finally people have learned the value of tg16. O2 is similiar in that its not as good as atari, but its WAY closer than people think

    I do have an intellison voice module, in the box with al inserts. so for that sort of care you'd think it works. nope. broken.

  7. GibGirl's Avatar

    Seeing video of the two Imagic games for the O2, which I only learned today even existed, shows them to look very similar. In the end though, it's interesting how Atari did better due to both a minor hardware feature (the duplication/stretching of sprites) and the "limitation" of having no video memory, which together were manipulated to do some amazing things.

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    I've got a multi-cart for the Channel F - all games, apparently. Trouble is the Channel F itself was boxed up & in the loft before I bought the multi-cart and the box has moved steadily towards a corner in the loft since. :( So much other stuff in the way.... not least the the Schmidt TVG-2000 (German Emerson Arcadia) & the 1292 - the Arcadia's predecessor (albeit not directly).

  9. Snowflake's Avatar

    no rush man just as long as you know theres score out there that are easy to beat. in fact its for the best you're reutrn will be space out. my submissions are already giving it attention now, yours can give it more attention later

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