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01-29-2019 at 02:09 PM
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i'm gonna suggest a dislike button again

its very clear people leaderboards affect behavior. credibilty people care more about their number as competition than actually wanting it to reflect voting power for example. its also why theres no leader board for disputes. since it seems clear leaderboards affect behavior i strongly suggest either removing the like/thanks, or at least adding a dislike.. the removal of like/thanks leaderboard woudl remove encouragement of clutter just fishing for likes/thanks. or if it must stay, the addition of dislike leaderboard may serve as discouragement of too much nonsense. its also good feedback for those who sincerely dont realize how they're viewed by others.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    We need a:

    - dislike button

    - laugh button

    - WTF button

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  2. Ninglendo's Avatar

    I don't know man. I totally love when people use an entire thread page to repeat the same point over and over with useless copy and paste posts of Wiki pages.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    wel then by all means like the posts, i might choose to dislikeif the option is given, and lets see what people prefer

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  4. timmell's Avatar
    Remove it, positive or negative someone can comment. If they wish. Anything that makes this place less like Facebook the better off it will be.
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  5. Marcade's Avatar

    Two suggestions...

    "GOD BLESS" button

    "ASAP" button

  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcade

    Two suggestions...

    "GOD BLESS" button

    "ASAP" button

    darn it @Desidious everything is a joke to you isnt it

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  7. Marcade's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    darn it @Desidious everything is a joke to you isnt it

    Now dont make me go all TEX-ASS on you !

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  8. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar

    We will not add a "Dislike" button. This is a rabbit hole we do not wish to go down.

    However, we will discuss re-evaluating the member leader boards and determine which ones we feel are valuable statistics that deserved to be displayed.

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  9. datagod's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by TWIN GALAXIES

    We will not add a "Dislike" button.

    Image result for dislike button

    We can like and thank, but can't express disagreement. Are people really so sensitive that mild disagreement will cause problems?

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  10. Snowflake's Avatar

    apparnetly, they did remove the star rating after complaints as well as the reputation rating. honestly, adding a dislike i'm not married to, i just want some way to encourage more respnsible posting short of censorship. you know, let people post whatever the hell they want, cause i dont trust the censors, but at the same time have some mild discouragements/encouragements or lack thereof based on how it affects behavior. thats why i also brought up removing it from the leaderboard. i'm sure there are other creative solutions as well. i dont care which particular solution is taken as long as we get a good end result.

  11. kernzyp's Avatar

    People can already say "I don't like this comment", but most don't.
    "Not liking" something, is the best you're gonna get.

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