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01-29-2019 at 06:19 PM
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Speak up now or shut up later

I wanna get this out of the way now to avoid possible challenges and arguments about my marathon after the fact.

In 2003 RTM laid out the marathon rules in pretty explicit detail (there is one case in consoles i feel is open to interpertatiion but thats neither here nor there). But there is one point that alot of people in the past have been confused on, so i want to discuss it and get any objections out of the way ahead of time. I do NOT believe in the mentality of "better to beg for forgiviness than ask permission" i'd much rather clarify ahead of time its ok

in particular, the ruling on breaks. Games with safe spots have the rules of 15 minutes earned per 3 hours with no more than an hour banked at at a time. However!!!! games with no safe spot you're allowed to walk away/nap for as long as you want if you have the guys built up to do so. If i build enough lives for a 3hr nap so be it

The reason I bring this up, is the two longest arcade marathons -- Q*BERT and Armor attack actually screwed themselves. Even though there as no safe spot and they could've napped as long as their lives allowed, they though the limit of 1 hour nap per every 12 hours applied and as a result never took more than an hour nap. In fact, Freeko at one point tried to get Georg'es Q*Bert score removed on the accusation that george took longer than an hour nap which george deneid. I scratched my head at this, cause even if freeko was right, so what, george was allowed to take a nap as long as he wanted yet neither he nor freeko realized that. LIkewise John Salters 84 hour armor attack he also thought he could only save up one hour of nap at a time even though there was no safe spot and so limited himself accordingly

Since I dont have to limit myself like that per the rules, i dont want to. But since those two high profile marathons did limit themselves more than they needed, it likely created a false idea that they (and therefore I) had to follow that limit.

I would much rather nap 1.5 hrs at the 24hr mark, than 1 hr at 12 hr mark and another .5 at the 24. If you checkthe link beflow i'm clearly allowed, but i think a misconception which existed from some time could create an argument and make adjudciation difficult so if peole are willing i'd like them to read up ahead of time so we can get it out of the way before it beomces an argument

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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    To my understanding the reason it's in the rules is because of games with safe spots. If a game has a safe spot (especially the likes of a "press button to continue" scenario) then the player can leave the game and get a full nights rest. The "marathon" is no longer a test of game vs. endurance but just will power to return at some future date.

    If the player is willfully letting their extras deplete and need no interaction with the game to do so, then they are actively playing the game even if they're asleep: it's a limited resource - physical energy vs. in-game lives.

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  2. Blackflag82's Avatar

    I agree with the above. In a game with no safe spot, the rules on breaks cease to apply because the game is still being played. So as far as I'm concerned, take as long of a break as you want/can and keep the game going.

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  3. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    I agree with the above as well.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    thanks guys. i sometimes work myself up on hypothetical arguments thinking ridiculous debates are gonna happen when they never do. i know theres just 3 of you speaking up, but i appreciate the support, maybe i got myself worked up over nothing

    of course, if anyone disagrees, dont let this bully you. please do still speak up. i'd much rather debate it now ahead of time than after the fact.

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