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02-24-2019 at 09:26 PM
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Is it just me or is this freaking stupid

atari 5200 old berzerk rules "default settings"
new rules "This game has no settings for the player to select, therefore no specific rules apply. Please use default settings. "

if the game has no setting then why would you say default settings? the new rules are worse than the old ones. Plus the new rules arent a change, it still says default settings, it just adds on a nonsense statement that even if you knew nothing about games just a basic grasp of the english language would tell you this sentence is utter nonsense. I would like to volunteer to teach dave's pal's basic english even though thats the first language in their country.

i mean yes, there are no settings, so i wouldnt mind removing the rule altogether, but this rewrite is freaking stupid right?

this is why i say those guys should just not even touch this stuff.

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  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Blank rules suggest "anything goes" (including cheats). What better sentence would go here?

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    “There are no settings” would be better than “there are no settings therefore use the following setting”

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    Also “default setting” would be better than “there are no settings so use default settings”

    I mean yes this harmless and I’m nit picking it’s just that it’s such a stupid change just fir the sake of change. Making no change at all would be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    “There are no settings” would be better than “there are no settings therefore use the following setting”

    Meh, semantics. ;) I know what you mean though. "There's nothing to change so don't change .... nothing?"

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    Yes basically the new rule makes no sense but admittedly is harmless that caught my attention so I checked the original rules. And when I saw the original rule actually made more sense (though also imperfect but whatever) it just really spoke to me on principle

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    "This game has no settings. Having fun playing. Oh did I mention? Try not to live your live in your moms basement. You should do like datagod does and buy your own house so you can live in your OWN basement. And women are fun. You should try to meet one."

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    Oh by the way I’m not suggesting undoing this. Every unneeded change comes with risk. Leave this as is.

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    I really wish there was a community comment period before rules were changed. like a list of whatever has been worked on for the last couple weeks gets posted and the community is given a week to comment on anything problematic before anything is put in the database. Probably 90% of the rule changes are fine, but it would catch those 10% and allow them to be done properly, put on hold, or left alone. The thing that frustrates me the most about things like this, is that TG continues to prove that getting something changed once it's already been changed is not as easy as it should be...

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    Sounds like a need for a ticketing system. :P

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    Heres the other thing, and this does bother me. While staff is making useless unneeded changes that arguably make things super super slightly worse, it means they're not making change elsewhere

    Consider games that curretnly say "default" like kangaroo or frogger, which i supsect were once users choice or easy. in cases were default and easy arent identical, staff could try to research old score submissions and find what the originals rules truly were. Find what real settings should be a level playing field. Simply making semantics changes that serve no purpose, anyone can do that. Staff however has (or should have) access to info we dont, and they could do some real research and fix real problems. When ben and stephen were hired i was excited some of the rules that needed fixing would actualy get fixed. However i've seen none of that. I've seen outright breaking of rules truly making them worse, changing of wording like this which i admit while worse is so small and petty its not realy much of a complaint, and wording changes that are nice but unneeded. These are changes anyone could do. These are changes a third grader could do.

    Simply going through and rewording things was not what i was excited over and not what i was led to believe would hapen when i heard rules were going to be reserached.

    Does simply rearrangement of words sound like "research" to any of you?

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    Rules always need to be clear. Many tracks seem to have been written in a hurry. 'Default settings' as the only rule may make perfect sense to someone who has already mastered the game, but there should ultimately be no room for ambiguity in rules.

    There are many issues that come up during research that need to be escalated to IT. There is a nice list of these issues that we are getting through slowly at the moment, but that will change soon.

    To be clear, no rules are actually being changed. Clarity is being added when necessary. All changes are tracked for transparency.

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    I really strongly do encourage research on default settings when default isn’t easiest. Older members have told me it used to be players choice — in other words easiest. On the ataris 99% of the time default and easiest is the same. For the few cases where it’s different research into the past either through the hidden ref forums or old videos not public to us would determine if the settings on these games truly always were default or if they used to players choice. This is research only employees can do and we can’t help with. I can provide a list of games where default and easy are not the same but only you guys can do the research to answer the question

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    We have members falling over themselves to
    help us and it is very much appreciated. We talk to members all the time for
    insight on top of what people post. We already have a to-do list based on
    research and help from the community. We will be asking for and welcoming more
    help once we have made more headway into what we already have. That does not
    mean people should stop posting their expertise – quite the opposite in fact.
    But do remember we have a priority list and will get to everything in turn.

    The progress so far has been helped
    enormously by community contribution. Please keep the suggestions coming!

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