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03-17-2019 at 04:22 PM
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this is ridiculous

so top 3 spots in intellivion skiing are all pending. i dont think i've seen 3 peoplecoincidentally all go for the same game at the same time on something so relatively obscure before.

i just got for example what would've been the record just a month ago, but its third place now. and this is happening on all the modes. absoultey absurd

  1. Joonas's Avatar

    Iron sharpens iron?

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i actually think its just a probabilisitc anomaly. its not like theres a lot of secrets to learn from each other in the game.

  3. Barthax's Avatar

    It happens reasonably often, I believe. ColecoVision Skiing has just been through similar for the emulated tracks. Various TrackMania tracks have been through the same also as new directions are found, people jump on the improvement.

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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    I expect it with a modern game but I guess that argument is moot due to the c64 point. It just felt weird but I guess you’re right it happens.

    What felt really weird is no my part is not cause of their improvement. I independently moved onto skiing and noticed coincidentally they were already there

    I very seldom have this happen I think the only time before this was miner with Greg but that was because of me explicitly asking fir help

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