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03-22-2019 at 12:08 AM
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intellivsiion skiing sucks

just had to say it. though i've been keeping up with wall posts you may have noticed i've slipped on adjudciation. its cause i'm doing a hell of a lot of intellision skiing and i hate it. but its where the esi is. i can get pretty much second place in all events now, tying for first is a problem though. i even opened my controller and cleaned it (always fun to see the inside of a controller) it didnt help. the controll still disobeys the inputs given (i strongly believe its not the controller but the programming/processing at this point)

anyway, no questions, no info to share. just complaining. the last sober day of the week before i take a 3 day drinking break. -- should be recoved in time for jason's mame tutorial though

man intellivision skiing sucks.

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  1. Dave Hawksett's Avatar

    Can't help wondering what kind of posts we can expect from you over these three days. Will you be streaming it?

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i drink one weekend a month and the other days not so much as a sip of beer or whine as it i dont want to effect video game skills be even the smallest inperceptable amount.

    i also try to be wise about things. When i was young i knew drunk people think they're reasonable, therefore, the only way to be safe, is even if you're sure you're reasonable still assume you're being unreasonable.

    as a result my rule was dont evne make the most obvious of decisions, treat eveyr decision like i'm foolish and in no mind to make decisioons and i'll be safe. now that i'm older, i've laxed that rule a little. 22 year old me, if you offerd 1 million dollars to in exchange for just doing one push up would say "hold on that sounds like a good deal, but i'm drunk, and even awesome sounding deals need to be turned down" and i'd reject it. older me has enouhg experience knowing what mistakes i would and wouldnt make and so i do allow myself only the most obvious things

    so no, you'll be seeing nothing absurd here. if i comment here while drunk i'll limit to just the sort of things i know i'm completely sure on and cant possibly regret.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar


    I always thought traditiona drinking games were poorly desinged since the loser gets drunk ( a reward) and is only put at more and more of a disadvantage. being drunk makes you lose, losing makes you drunk.

    I always felt the winner should drink. not only did you earn it, it'll make the match even. I love the game archon, but none of my buddies were any good at it and eventually just stopped playing. so, my only offer at public drunkardness with the gaming crew is over a game of archon if one of you is around to play me. i would prefer a fair match where we both play sober. but if someone is bad and the only way to even things up is drink every time i take one of their pieces, i'll do it.

  4. Dave Hawksett's Avatar

    I'll drink to that!

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