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03-27-2019 at 03:47 PM
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intellivision voice module

ok bought a second voice module now

i put a non voice game in -- yay it works as a passthrough at a bare minimum
i put my voice game in the intellivsion without hte module -- yay the game works

i put my voice game which works, into the module that at least runs non voice games -- black screen.

so my voice module works with every game except my voice games. And yes i did multiple back and forth tests to make sure it wasnt something as simple as the system warming up or random error or whatever

any ideas?

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    Clean all the contacts.

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    already did that. again only was broken on voice games. shockingly though, out of nowhere, now they both work, so i didnt need to buy this second one -- or did I? Do you they only work when you have to? was it lonely? whos to say

  3. Intellivision Master's Avatar

    I’ve had that happen. It has to warm up first.

    I’ve never encountered a completely dead intellivoice. They all work.

    If it happens again.... plug an intellivoice game and the intellivoice into the intellivision. Turn on the power for 15 minutes.

    Leave it alone for 15 minutes.

    After 15 minutes, turn off the intellivision.

    It’s now ready to use. Power on the intellivision and everything will work perfectly.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    Weird thing is sometimes warming up is the answer to an old Atari game so I tried that and it didn’t work. Now though today it just took a few minutes to warm up. Weird. Oh well I got two voice modules in case I want to play the games more than once

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