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04-03-2019 at 11:59 AM
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Rosa speed run new tracks coming

not joke tracks, but not traditional either, so since i'm planning some track creation i dont mind getting some hate on my wall before doing the real thing

the real motivator is the intellivsion D&D tracks, so those will be first, but its also an opprotunity for me to do something with speed running i've long thought would be good, but as i'm not a speed runner i didnt feel i had the right getting into the argument

1. precision. speed runs i think often sit in adjudciation cause noone knows the exact time. I want to explicitly allow a rule that makes it ok to enter a worse time than you score, just not a better time. That way if someone wants to precisely measure down to the milliseonc, go for it. on the the other hand if someone is fine rounding up to nearest second, or heck even nearest minute, well, that would make adjudication way easier. and honestly, i dont see much competition on the games i'm planning, so i'm satisfied screwing myself out of several seconds just to make it easier to adjudicators to confirm faster.

2. bar to entry. this matters more now with esi, but always mattered to some degree. 1st place on a track with only yourself seems less meaningful than first out of fifty. but what if the reason you're the only one is noone else was even good enough to finish the game? I always thought there should be some way to submit for speedruns even when you dont finish. have some sort of time penatly. lets use super mario bros for example. maybe if you dont finish, 1 hour is added for each level remaining in the game, thats such a huge penalty theres zero reason to purposely die, and all completors come ahead of those who dont complete. so if you die on level 3, you take your spreedrun to finish level 2, then you had 6 hrs for the remaining levels. this allows all skill levels to compete and better shows just how impressive the few who did complete are.
a tough game like battletoads could benefitfrom this as well, smb is a stupid example i just went with it cause its more well known.
not all games have "levels" so it may take some creatiivyt to make this work, but thats my plan at least.

the above two is rules i would add to any speedrun track i create. but in the short term, that only applies to intellivsions two dungeons and dragons game

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