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04-06-2019 at 07:25 AM
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starting intelivsion d&d stream soon

slept late (played magic and went to the arcade) so i still need breakfast, but i plan to start 11:30am EST. i've gotta think i'll be able to eventually beat Advanced dungeons and dragons aka clouldmountain aka crown of kings by then, and if i do i will move onto the sequel.

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    finally beat the original on hard. i estimate all my total time this week ads up to about 9 hrs, which for an old adventure game like this, i'd say is pretty good that it was that hard and took that long time finally get. my time was 50 minutes, but i saw on youtube someone did it in 7min, so clearly theres LOTS of room for improvement when submission times comes

    ive started treasure of tarmin, kinda comp;licated to figure out. 30 page manual i skimmed, skimming wasnt enough. so if you jump on and see me doing nothing it cause i'm reading a few pages of the manual here and there everytime i lose. as long as noone is on the stream i'll spend my time reading, so tell me if you're there and i'll go back to giving gameplay a try

    oh, and i have a much better ideas for speedrun tracks of the original now. i'm heavily consdiering allowing the glitches but i will discuss of course.

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    beat treasure of tarmin on easy after multiple hours when it should only be 30 minutes, whatever, i know how it works now

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