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04-10-2019 at 07:48 AM
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Been really obsessing on Tarmin Treasure

So Dungeon's and Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin i would say is an RPG grind, but zero story, even less story than dragon warrior. But since its turn based, with increased leveling and items yeah its an RPG. I dont agree calling it one of the first "first person shooters" because again, turn based combat, the fact your character using magic fireballs and regular bows doesnt make it any more a shooter than any other RPG where the character hurls magic

As i've just been doing old 80s stuff, i had been missing RPGs, and as primitive as this is it realy filled a needed void. Also, i think of games like diablo, where once the story is over all people do is grind anyway, getting better items to fight harder enemies to get better items. This game basically just skips to the point immediately. avoid the story and go right for the grind. its really not awful

Tracking it is quite another matter. The game has contradicting goals. One, is to win, defeat the minotaur and get his treasure. The other goal is to get riches (smaller treasures) and those treasure do give you a score. This is fun for a lot of people (i've noticed on line the game has a few die hard fans), and since you can avoid the minotaur you could do this forever. Marathoning this game would just be way to easy and not really a suitable track for such a competion -- though agian, marathoning/grinding just for fun has a lot of merit. A speedrun is possible since you could rush to get the minotaur, only problem is that means you miss out on what makes the game fun.

track compromise: speedrun to minotaur but dont require getting the treasure. you "win" the game (and it ends) when you defeat the minotaur and grab his treasure. however, you can choose to defeat him and NOT grab the treasure and therefore play as long as you like. grabbing the treasure is really a formality, theres no challenge or skill in just picking an item up. defeating the minotaur is the real goal. so ending the game on minotaur defeat, as opposed to grabbing the treasure allows people to competitively speed run, but then continue the game for fun.

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